Transactions of the Minnesota State Medical Association ...

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Strana 383 - The standing committees shall be as follows: A Committee on Scientific Work. A Committee on Public Policy and Legislation. A Committee on Arrangement, and such other committees as may be necessary. Such committees shall be elected by the House of Delegates, unless otherwise provided. Sec. 2. The Committee on Scientific Work shall consist of three members, of
Strana 378 - The Association shall hold an Annual Session at such time and place as has been fixed at the preceding Annual Session by the House of Delegates. Sec. 2. Special meetings of either the Association or of the House of Delegates shall be called by the President on petition of twenty delegates or fifty members. CHAPTER III—GENERAL MEETINGS Section
Strana 376 - The Association shall hold an Annual Session, during which there shall be held daily General Meetings, which shall be open to all registered members, and guests. Sec. 2. The time and place for holding each Annual Session shall be fixed by the House of Delegates. ARTICLE IX—OFFICERS Section I. The officers of this Association shall be a President, three Vice-Presidents,
Strana 378 - of an Annual Session until he has complied with the provisions of this section. CHAPTER II—ANNUAL AND SPECIAL SESSIONS OF THE ASSOCIATION Section I. The Association shall hold an Annual Session at such time and place as has been fixed at the preceding Annual Session
Strana 380 - Sec. 2. The Vice-Presidents shall assist the President in the discharge of his duties. In the event of the President's death, resignation or removal, the Council shall select one of the Vice-Presidents to succeed him. Sec. 3. The Treasurer shall give bond in the sum of
Strana 385 - shall be held as suspended, and none of its members or delegates shall be permitted to participate in any of the business or proceedings of the Association or of the House of Delegates until such requirements have been met. CHAPTER X—MISCELLANEOUS Section
Strana 384 - request, shall be transferred without cost to the roster of the county society into whose jurisdiction he moves. Sec. 9. A physician living on or near a county line may hold his membership in that county society most convenient for him to attend,
Strana 385 - These By-Laws may be amended at any Annual Session by a majority vote of all the delegates present at that session, after the amendment has laid on the table for one day.
Strana 384 - constantly exerted for bettering the scientific, moral and material condition of every physician in the county; and systematic efforts shall be made by each member, and by the society as a whole, to increase the membership until it embraces every qualified physician in the county. Sec.
Strana 318 - F. Draughts should be avoided. The patients should be lightly dressed in flannels and covered with a sheet of the same material. The diet should consist of milk, buttermilk, farinaceous matter, egg-white, and good fruit. After defervescence ordinary diet should be gradually resumed. Stimulants may be employed if needed. Internal

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