Transactions of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, Volumes 45-46

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Page 69 - After boiling for some time, the muriate of potash begins to crystallize on the surface. As the boiling is still continued, the muriate of potash is rapidly forming, and is lifted out of the vessel by means of a ladle pierced with small holes, and is thrown into a vessel placed in an inclined position, with its end or side a little within the edge of the boiler, which allows any of the liquor that may have been carried over, to drain back again into the pot. The boiling is continued until nearly...
Page 60 - This is to be continued till the lac, now white, separates from the liquor. The supernatant fluid is now to be poured away, and the lac is to be well washed in repeated waters, and finally wrung as dry as possible in a cloth. The lac obtained...
Page iii - TRANSACTIONS of the Society instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, with the Premiums offered in the year 1783.
Page 170 - Memoir, prepared at the request of a committee of the Common Council of the city of New York, and presented to the mayor of the city, at the celebration of the completion of the New York canals.
Page 149 - The packet is then passed between the rollers, and is received by the man who turns the winch, and who has time to lay the sheets on one side, and to hand over the tin plates by the time that the boy has prepared a second packet.
Page 60 - ... the bleaching liquor, and thus proceed till the colour of the mixture has become pale. A second bleaching liquor is now to be added, made by diluting muriatic acid with thrice its bulk of water, and dropping into it pulverized red lead, till the last added portions do not become white. Of this acid...
Page 25 - ... on to the construction of the whole. For this purpose I searched in various authors, for the measure of trees, in girt and height, at different ages, and obtained similar information among my acquaintance. Hence I collected, that the increase in the circumference of trees is generally from about one to two inches annually, and from twelve to eighteen inches the annual increase in height.
Page 17 - ... bottom is opened, and the black watery acid liquor flows out. As soon as the oil begins to come, the cock is closed, and that in the side of the cooler is opened. From...
Page 151 - From long-continued experiments, I have at last discovered that they may be almost entirely expelled from any quarter in which the canes are carefully stripped of the dry and useless leaves, under which, as they become loose, the female borer deposits her eggs. " These animals, when they assail us in moderate numbers, act only as a stimulus, wisely sent to rouse the inattentive planter to cleaner and more careful modes of husbandry. When they swarm so as to deprive him of his crops, the loss must...
Page 131 - Two pounds of wool, as it comes off the goat's back, may be estimated to make one shawl fifty-four inches square. It will therefore require ten goats, male and female, to furnish materials for one shawL Mr Tower has this year had three shawls made of his wool, one of which was examined by the Committee of Manufactures.

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