Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, Volume 6

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Page 88 - That palter with us in a double sense ; That keep the word of promise to our ear, And break it to our hope.
Page 93 - Bring flowers to the shrine where we kneel in prayer, They are nature's offering, their place is there ! They speak of hope to the fainting heart, With a voice of promise they come and part, They sleep in dust through the wintry hours, They break forth in glory — bring flowers, bright flowers ! THE CRUSADER'S RETURN. "Alas! the mother that him bare, If she had been in presence there, In his wan cheeks and sunburnt hair She had not known her child.
Page 6 - III.— Its members shall consist of Annual members paying an annual fee of one dollar ; of Life members paying a fee of ten dollars at one time, and of...
Page 128 - These last are at first white, and all the parts soft as the pupa, and they frequently remain in the earth for weeks at a time, until thoroughly hardened, and then, on some favorable night in May, they rise in swarms and fill the air.
Page 125 - It then stuffs the upper end of the passage with sawdustlike powder, and the lower part with curly fibres of wood, after which it rests from its labors. It thus finishes its gnawing work during the commencement of the third winter, but remains motionless in the larval state until the following spring, when it casts off its skin once more and becomes a pupa.
Page 116 - The worm when young is whitish, with usually an entirely black head, and a black shield on top of the first segment. When full-grown it acquires a flesh-colored or pinkish tint, especially on the back, and the head and top of first segment become more brown, being usually marked as at Fig.

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