Transfer of Wealth: The Case for Nationwide Concealed Carry

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Political Science - 196 pages
Nothing puts Peace in its proper perspective better than the loss of personal liberty. Are America's Anti-Crime Policies Killing The Nation? John Longenecker exposes the fraud of go-nowhere anti-crime policies which respond too late after-the-fact, discourage personal sovereignty, disarm Americans before-the-fact and take much more than guns - anti-crime policies disarm Americans by taking also your authority. As long as violent crime is a crisis in America, officials, various industrial complexes and international interests are able to cooperate in eavesdropping and stalking the American Household for its wealth, measured not in dollars, but in privacy, liberty, authority, personal spirit and way of life. Longenecker ties it all together in showing how the most threatening national transfer of wealth can be turned around in a single night. This Book Could Re-vitalize America - I just received Transfer of Wealth. John Longenecker is one of the most positive and articulate guests I've had in my 10+ years of broadcasting. The lines lit up as Americans across the country resonated with John's message. We all experience a Transfer of Wealth. This transfer isn't monetary - it's a transfer of courage, a transfer of spirit . ..This transfer didn't come about from terrorists, but from our own unwillingness to fight. John shows us where we are today, but most important gives all Americans a roadmap to the nation's way back home - a must-read for anyone who wonders where we are as a nation and how we can get back on course. Erskine - The Erskine Overnight Show

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