Trauma in Contemporary Literature: Narrative and Representation

Marita Nadal, Mónica Calvo
Routledge, 26 mar 2014 - 272 páginas
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Trauma in Contemporary Literature analyzes contemporary narrative texts in English in the light of trauma theory, including essays by scholars of different countries who approach trauma from a variety of perspectives. The book analyzes and applies the most relevant concepts and themes discussed in trauma theory, such as the relationship between individual and collective trauma, historical trauma, absence vs. loss, the roles of perpetrator and victim, dissociation, nachträglichkeit, transgenerational trauma, the process of acting out and working through, introjection and incorporation, mourning and melancholia, the phantom and the crypt, postmemory and multidirectional memory, shame and the affects, and the power of resilience to overcome trauma. Significantly, the essays not only focus on the phenomenon of trauma and its diverse manifestations but, above all, consider the elements that challenge the aporias of trauma, the traps of stasis and repetition, in order to reach beyond the confines of the traumatic condition and explore the possibilities of survival, healing and recovery.


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Marita Nadal is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English and German Philology at the University of Zaragoza, Spain.

Mónica Calvo is Lecturer in the Department of English and German Philology at the University of Zaragoza, Spain.

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