Traveling East: Looking East

iUniverse, 2005 - 346 sidor
Freemasonry has been around for a long time, and it has not yet been clearly explained until now. Traveling East brings Blue Lodge Masonry into the 21st Century. No longer will Young Masons not know what is expected of them, no longer will a young Mason not know how to bury a brother Mason. Through the years all the knowledge of Masonry was kept by the elders, they only told you what they wanted you to know, this kept you coming back for more, as Masons would say this kept you craving for more light. Traveling East explains it all, with very easy to learn terms, but no pictures, that is where the elders will come in. Traveling East has something for all Masons to learn, remember when you were told that you will never know it all well...Traveling East will get you real close to the real truth about that which was lost, and never found, or was there ever anything lost?

Traveling East takes you back to where it all started.


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Om författaren (2005)

Dr. Young lives in Houston, Texas, a retired soldier of almost thirty years; he has held almost every position in the Masonic Order. Currently a Grand Master, and has been for almost ten years. His study and travels has led him to many countries to which he has complied and simplified the working order of the Blue Lodge. Dr. Young is currently working on other books to bring the ancient books on masonry into the 21st century.

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