Travels Through the Crimea, Turkey and Egypt: Performed During the Years 1825-1828 Including Particulars of the Last Illness and Death of the Emperor Alexander and of the Russian Conspiracy in 1825, Bind 2

H. Colburn & R. Bentley, 1830
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Side 70 - For why ? — because the good old rule Sufficeth them, the simple plan, That they should take, who have the power, And they should keep who can.
Side 98 - Give me a spirit that on life's rough sea Loves to have his sails fill'd with a lusty wind, Even till his sail-yards tremble, his masts crack, And his rapt ship run on her side so low, That she drinks water, and her keel ploughs air. There is no danger to a man, that knows What life and death is : there's not any law Exceeds his knowledge ; neither is it lawful That he should stoop to any other law : He goes before them, and commands them all, That to himself is a law rational.
Side 358 - Its members engaged not to decline any judicial functions which might be offered to them by the choice of the nobility or by the government ; to fulfil such functions with zeal and precision ; to observe carefully the progress of affairs of this nature ; to encourage upright employes, even by granting them pecuniary aid ; to strengthen in good principles those who might betray any weakness ; to enlighten those who were deficient in information ; to denounce prevaricating functionaries, and to apprise...
Side 39 - Who now persists in calling Fortune false ? To me she has proved faithful, with fond love Took me from out the common ranks of men, And like a mother goddess, with strong arm Carried me swiftly up the steps of life. Nothing is common in my destiny, Nor in the furrows of my hand. Who dares Interpret then my life for me as 'twere One of the undistinguishable many ? True in this present moment I appear Fallen low indeed ; but I shall rise again.
Side 250 - And when neither sun nor stars in many days appeared, and no small tempest lay on us, all hope that we should be saved was then taken away.
Side 81 - ... their defenceless victims, who were butchered almost to the last man. Some of them, indeed, succeeded in taking refuge in the pasha's harem, and in the house of Toussoun ; but they were all dragged forth, conducted before the kiaya bey, and beheaded on the spot. The lifeless body of the brave Chahyn was exposed to every infamy. A rope was passed round the neck, and the bloody carcass dragged through various parts of the city. Mengin, who was in Cairo at the time, assures his readers that the...
Side 357 - Its duty was to watch over all charitable institutions, and to point out to the directors of such establishments, and also to Government itself, the abuses which might creep in, and the means for remedying them. The object of the second section was intellectual and moral education, the extension of enlightenment, the foundation of schools especially on the Lancasterian system, and generally a useful co-operation for the instruction of youth, by virtuous examples, by discourses and writings analogous...
Side 339 - There were numerous large wax lights burning in the apartment, and each individual present held a slender lighted wax taper. A priest was standing at the head of the coffin reading the Evangelists, and I was told that this was carried on day and night. On each side of the body a sentinel was placed with a drawn sword. In the ante-room...
Side 75 - Fraser after a smart encounter ; but, failing in his successive attempts on Rosetta and El Hamet, the flower of our little army was cut off, wounded, or taken prisoners. Four hundred and fifty of their heads were publicly exposed at Cairo,, while the unfortunate captives were treated with every species of contempt and cruelty. The departure of the British allowed the pasha to return to the internal affairs of his turbulent province. As he relied chiefly upon the army, he had increased its numbers...

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