Travels and adventures in southern Africa, Volume 2

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Page 390 - Accordingly, in they went, (in spite of the warnings of some more prudent men among us,) to within fifteen or twenty paces of the spot where the animal lay concealed. He was couched among the roots of a large evergreen bush, with a small space of open ground on one side of it; and they fancied, on approaching, tha.t they saw him distinctly, lying glaring at them from under the foliage.
Page 375 - ... old, was followed on the track for fully five hours by a party on horseback, and throughout the whole distance the carcass of the heifer was only once or twice discovered to have touched the ground...
Page 390 - If they continue to wound him ineffectually till he waxes furious and desperate, or if the horses, startled by his terrific roar, grow frantic with terror and burst loose, the business becomes rather serious, and may end in mischief, especially if all the party are not men of courage, coolness, and experience.
Page 20 - At length we reached a ridge of rocks, and found it necessary to dismount and follow our guides on foot. It seemed as if we were now entering the untrodden vestibule of one of Nature's most sublime temples ; and the untutored savages who guided us, evinced by the awe and circumspection with which they trod, that they were not altogether uninfluenced by the genius loci.
Page 390 - ... heels, couching every now and then, as if to measure the distance and strength of his enemies. This is the moment to shoot him fairly in the forehead, or some other mortal part. If they continue to wound him ineffectually till he waxes...
Page 394 - Is mustered in this hour of need : For life — for life — his giant might He strains, and pours his soul in flight; And mad with terror, thirst, and pain, Spurns with wild hoof the thundering plain.
Page 23 - ... feet in height. I stood upon a cliff nearly level with the top of the fall, and directly in front of it. The beams of the evening sun fell full upon the cascade, and occasioned a most splendid rainbow ; while the vapoury mists arising from the broken waters, the bright green woods which hung...
Page 389 - ... to repair to the place of rendezvous as speedily as possible. In an hour every man of the party (with the exception of two pluckless fellows who were kept at home by the women) appeared ready mounted and armed. We were also reinforced by about a dozen of the
Page 22 - ... abyss of waters, the tumult of which seemed to shake even the solid rocks around us. At length we halted as before, and the next moment I was led to a projecting rock, where a scene burst upon me, far surpassing my most sanguine expectations. The whole water of the river, (except what escapes by the subsidiary...
Page 379 - The overmastering effect of the human eye upon the lion has been frequently mentioned, though much doubted by travellers ; but, from my own inquiries among...

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