Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa, Volume 1

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Page 234 - AFAR in the desert I love to ride, With the silent Bush-boy alone by my side: When the sorrows of life the soul o'ercast, And, sick of the present, I cling to...
Page 471 - Lion as he approaches, sometimes up to the very horses' heels, couching every now and then, as if to measure the distance and strength of his enemies. This is the moment to shoot him fairly in the forehead, or some other mortal part. If they continue to wound him ineffectually till he waxes...
Page 236 - Nor rippling brook with osiered sides ; Where sedgy pool, nor bubbling fount, Nor tree, nor cloud, nor misty mount, Appears to refresh the aching eye ; But the barren earth, and the burning sky, And the blank horizon, round and round, Spread — void of living sight or sound.
Page 234 - Attachments by fate or falsehood reft; Companions of early days lost or left; And my native land, whose magical name Thrills to the heart like electric flame; The home of my childhood; the haunts of my prime; All the passions and scenes of that rapturous time When the feelings were young, and the world was new, Like the fresh bowers of Eden unfolding to view; All, all now forsaken, forgotten, foregone!
Page 472 - ... foe, looking round in conscious power and pride upon the bands of his assailants — and with a port the most noble and imposing that can be conceived. It was the most magnificent thing I ever witnessed. The danger of our friends, however, rendered it at the moment too terrible to enjoy either the grand or the ludicrous part of the picture.
Page 236 - Spread — void of living sight or sound. And here, while the night-winds round me sigh, And the stars burn bright in the midnight sky. As I sit apart by the desert stone, Like Elijah at Horeb's cave alone, "A still small voice...
Page 234 - Oh, then there is freedom, and joy, and pride, Afar in the desert alone to ride ! There is rapture to vault on the champing steed, And to bound away with the eagle's speed, With the death-fraught firelock...
Page 470 - Knowing that the lion, when he does not carry off his prey, usually conceals himself in the vicinity, and is very apt to be dangerous by prowling about the place in search of more game, I resolved to have him destroyed or dislodged without delay. I therefore sent a messenger round the location, to invite all who were willing to assist in the enterprise, to repair to the place of rendezvous as speedily as possible.
Page 236 - Hath rarely crossed with his roving clan: A region of emptiness, howling and drear, Which man hath abandoned from famine and fear; Which the snake and the lizard inhabit alone, With the twilight bat from the yawning stone; Where grass, nor herb, nor shrub takes root, Save poisonous thorns that pierce the foot...
Page 471 - Hottentots the leaders of the chase. " The first point was to track the lion to his covert. This was effected by a few of the Hottentots on foot. Commencing from the spot where the horse was killed, they followed the spoor* through grass and gravel and brushwood, with astonishing ease and dexterity, where * The Hottentot name for a footmark.

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