Trial of John H. Surratt in the Criminal Court for the District of Columbia, Hon. George P. Fisher Presiding ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1867 - Trials (Assassination)

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Page 302 - I can never repent it. Though we hated to kill, our country owed all her troubles to him, and God simply made me the instrument of his punishment. The country is not what it was. This forced union is not what I have loved. I care not what becomes of me. I have no desire to outlive my country.
Page 302 - I cannot see my wrong, except in serving a degenerate people. The little, the very little, I left behind to clear my name, the Government will not allow to be printed. So ends all. For my country I have given up all that makes life sweet and holy, brought misery upon my family, and am sure there is no pardon in the Heaven for me, since man condemns me so. I have only heard of what has been done (except what I did myself), and it fills me with horror.
Page 302 - Tonight I will once more try the river with the intent to cross. Though I have a greater desire and almost a mind to return to Washington, and in a measure clear my name — which I feel I can do.
Page 56 - State, which lists shall, within ten days from the passage of this act, and on or before the first day of every...
Page 302 - PAGE 240 man's hand against me. I am here in despair. And why ? For doing what Brutus was honored for — what made Tell a hero. And yet I, for striking down a greater tyrant than they ever knew, am looked upon as a common cut-throat.
Page 302 - I struck boldly and not as the papers say. I walked with a firm step through a thousand of his friends, was stopped, but pushed on. A colonel was at his side. I shouted Sic semper before I fired. In jumping broke my leg. I passed all his pickets. Rode sixty miles that night, with the bone of my leg tearing the flesh at every jump.
Page 593 - All agree, however, that the first inquiry must be restricted either to the general reputation of the witness for truth and veracity, or to his general character, and that it cannot be extended to particular facts or transactions, for...
Page 518 - When you write, sign no real name, and send by some of our friends who are coming home. We want you to write us how the news was received there. We received great encouragement from all quarter.
Page 346 - When you remember the fearful, solemn vow that was taken by us, you will feel there is no drawback — Abe must die, and now. You can choose your weapons. The cup, the knife, the bullet. The cup failed us once, and might again.
Page 347 - Inclose this note, together with one of poor Leenea. I will give the reason for this when we meet. Return by Johnson. I wish I could go to you, but duty calls me to the West; you will probably hear from me in Washington. Sanders is doing us no good in Canada.

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