Triumph and Terror: Revelation: The Truth for End Times

Trafford Publishing, 2002 - 296 pagina's

Triumph and Terror: Revelation D the Truth for End Times is a Study Guide appropriate as a resource for Christians of all denominations. The goal of the Study is to strengthen readersO faith and understanding, as well as to challenge and stimulate the thinking of all who seek. It aims to provide a straightforward, uncomplicated narration of our LordOs glorious Revelation.

The writing of Triumph and Terror... is presented in a chapter-by-chapter commentary dealing concisely with each and every verse. Comments critical to the readerOs understanding are carefully supported by and referenced to scripture; moreover, to simplify the reading for young Christians and impatient seekers, quite often the referred scripture is quoted. Seldom does the manuscript allow supposition.

The Study is strengthened and enhanced by the inclusion of ten teaching appendices, a ten-page glossary of terms and a brief synopsis at the beginning of each chapter. The approach is intentionally direct and the language written simply so that it is appropriate for the lay reader. Prayerfully, the writer has attempted to coherently unravel the mysteries of the Revelation and clearly present the ideas and themes that are complex and interwoven.

The simplicity of the Study responds to a pressing need in both the Christian and secular world: never before has there been such urgent seeking for answers as to what the future holds for humankind. In some instances, the Study confirms currently accepted theological ideology; however, in other areas it opens discussions never before pursued. It carefully documents, through scripture and historical records, the answers to questions that are as old as Daniel, while opening insight into passages which have generally been avoided by most scholars. Through consistent use of scripture, it informs and challenges teachings that have hitherto been unchallenged.

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