Trophy Buck: Doing It the Hard Way

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AuthorHouse, Aug 17, 2005 - Crafts & Hobbies - 68 pages

I have read so many books about hunting, but most of them are about Canada and Michigan or somewhere up North where it snows most of deer season..  So I have kept records for the last 35 years.  About hunting without the big money or being a Blue blood and left thousands of acres of land.  So, I have thought that I should turn my notes into a book and tell it like it is, “ The Truth”.  My friend Joey Tisdale and Scottie Burroughs have hunted together forever.  They have seen me hunt and they had hunted with others before and they even questioned my way. I would have 60 acres that I went door to door asking for permission to hunt, 40 acres, 20 acres and so on.  So, I had to learn fast and learn my way that this year I would have a place to hunt for the next year or I might not.  So, I had to learn quick and with the lack of money and my own land or land from year to year.  Thus, my book DOING IT THE HARD WAY is for those that don’t hunt because of these reasons.  That’s what my book explains.  Don’t ever give up, you can do it even if you don’t have a lot of money.  Be in the woods, enjoy the peace and quiet and solitude, even if you don’t get him this time.  You’ve enjoyed mother nature and she’s quite a lady.

            “The statement of my book” is true and the best way I know to get that Trophy Buck is to do what I have explained in the book.  It has been tried and tested for 35 years.  You be the Judge.  This book is about hunting South Carolina and that’s hard without big money.  God Bless Us All and the U. S. A.


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About the author (2005)

To understand what I have done is to read my book.  The way I did the things I achieved.  I put my very heart and soul into learning how to be the best hunter I could be.  I eat, sleep and I am constantly in the woods trying to learn more every chance I get.  When I’m alone in the woods, the solitude and peace from the Hustle and Bustle of the world.  When I get in that zone, there is nothing that can hold me back for this is what it is all about, but you’ve got to want it as badly as I did.  I learned years ago, I’m not good at being what I am not.  But I am very good at being myself.  I don’t sell scents, grunts, or any type of hunting accessories, but I do push the fact that the measures I have taken years of trial and error are the truth about what I have discovered in over 38 years of doing it the hard way, wanting it, going when you don’t feel like it.  You must want it and desire it the way I explained it in my book.  When you get off your program, go back to the book, because I have been there myself.  The answers are there, because I am constantly curious about what I might not know.


I come from a very small town where the hunting season is everybody’s favorite time of the year.  The season comes in and everybody and his brother jumps in their pickups and to the woods they go.  But I have been there all year watching and scouting when the season comes in , I’m on my game hard.  Some hunters don’t know Jack.  But like my daddy told me when I was just a little fellow, I would say, “How did this guy kill a nice buck like that?”  Daddy would say, even a blind hog will find an acorn every now and then.  My daddy told me when I was twelve years old, son, “you have got some of the best woods eyes I have ever seen.  You’re going to make a good hunter.  Thank you, Daddy for teaching me to hunt and not the other things that are out there.  It takes a rare individual to do what I have been capable of doing.  It is hard core hunting that works if you.  Apply yourself.  I have taken wildlife research and my own observations and experiences and made them very practical in the field, woods, and swamps of South Carolina. 


Remember, don’t be interested in the whens, wheres and hows.  Finding out why is the real key!  May God bless, be safe, and do it the hard way.


Your friend and hunting pal.


Elby R. Dubose, Jr

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