Truth in Life: Learning How to Deal with Life and Its Blows

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 216 páginas
The Truth in Life is written to give people hope in their hurt. The stories and the people are real. Most of the names have been changed to protect their privacy. The Lord has laid the stories of pain, heartache, disappointments and physical disability on my heart to write in this format. The over all idea of the messages through out this book is to let others know that they can make it where they are. You will not stay in that place; your past has been redeemed by a predestined future. The questions in life will be explored throughout these passages. We are born in a state of sin. Everything about this life, we have to learn and sharpen over time. We are designed to fulfill our purpose in God. This book is a divine tool that has been given to you in love. This book is about life and you will receive love within the readings of the pages. If you are unsure of how to love someone or love yourself, this manual will teach you how to develop love. If you are in tune with love and loving relationships, this will be a refresher course for you. You will identify with the valley lows and prepare yourself to handle the obstacles as you journey to the mountain top experiences. It is very important that you know and realize that you will not stay in that unpleasant situation. You don't have to panic when faced with barriers, but you must prepare, plan and position yourself to enter into that prepared place for you. With every breath that you breathe, allow yourself to worship God. Jehovah Shalom has designed us to worship Him and trust Him, in spirit and in truth. Hold onto God's unchanging hand.

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