Tryin' Hard to Mellow Out

Front Cover
Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2001 - Humor - 184 pages

Tryin´ Hard to Mellow Out treats serious subjects lightly. If follows from Arnold´s notion that people can do serious work exceptionally well best in an atmosphere of fun. Creativity and humor provide that atmosphere.

Writers know that sex and violence are the elements of a good story. Arnold´s Tryin´ Hard uses both to communicate—along with satire. His section on Change, Governance, and Perspective is filled with both as you might expect when politicians are key elements. His section on Help for Leaders and Followers is filled with both when political leaders and news media are featured. It´s a Strange World Today is filled with both as the unusual connections between us all are observed. Looking to the Future shows the expectation and hope that both sex and violence will continue to be with us in the future.

Arnold has other fun treatments of serious subjects. The Fallback Position "for Managers and Others Who May Be Fired at a Moment´s Notice by an Employer with the Potential to be Completely Unfair, Unreasonable, and Inconsiderate." It was written for those in danger of being right-sized, down-sized, and re-organized out of a job.

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