Twenty Poems to Nourish Your Soul

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Judith Valente, Charles Reynard
Loyola Press, 9 окт. 2005 г. - Всего страниц: 216
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The great poets help us look carefully and deeply at the world. When we do this, we find that God is there. This is the powerful spiritual truth that drives Twenty Poems to Nourish Your Soul, an extraordinary celebration of the poet's craft that opens the attentive reader's heart to the world of the spirit. Author/compilers Judith Valente and Charles Reynard, noted poets themselves, select poems that probe the classic themes of the spiritual life. With sensitive commentary, they show how great poetry can help us recognize and respond to God.

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Judith Valente is an award-winning journalist, poet and essayist. She grew up in Bayonne, NJ, but Illinois has been her adopted home for many years. She is an on air correspondent for "Religion & Ethics Newsweekly" on national PBS-TV, Chicago Public Radio, NPR, and WGLT in Normal IL. She is a sought-after speaker on such subjects as living a more contemplative life, discovering inner wisdom through poetry, and finding meaning in your work. She is married to Illinois Judge Charles Reynard, also a poet. The couple operates an alfalfa farm in central Illinois, where Judith is a member of the Grand Prairie Master Naturalists, a group that cares for and maintains the Illinois prairie.

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