UFOs: The Great Debate - An Objective Look at Extraterrestrials,, Government Cover-Ups, and the Prospect of First Contact

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Llewellyn Worldwide, 2008 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 237 pages

Are we alone in the universe?

UFOs and all related phenomena have been deeply embedded into our culture's consciousness—the possibility that aliens are among us can't be easily dismissed or ignored. Today, one burning question keeps the fire of speculation raging: Do aliens really exist?

With a fair-minded, yet incisive, look at the case for and against extraterrestrial life, J. Allan Danelek takes you on a tantalizing tour of the controversial issues, paranormal experiences, and scientific theories surrounding UFOs and alien intelligence in this stimulating book on UFOs.

One big conspiracy?

Decide for yourself as you consider the fascinating facts—the mysterious crash in Roswell, crop circles, alien abductions, radar and satellite observations, and more. Danelek delves into government cover-ups, examines the prospect of space travel, and even proposes scenarios of first contact with an alien race.

By taking part in this captivating discussion, we can discover the truth about our world and gain insight into human nature. What will the ever-evolving UFO debate reveal about your beliefs?


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About the author (2008)

A native Minnesotan who currently resides in Colorado, Jeff Allen Danelek has been working as a graphic artist and technical illustrator since leaving the Navy in 1984. While he has been writing as a hobby for fifteen years, it is only in the last few years that he began pursuing it as a full-time vocation. Besides writing, his hobbies include military history, religion and spirituality, numismatics (coin collecting), general science and things like Bigfoot and other mysterious beasties, Atlantis, UFO’s and anything that goes bump in the night. An avid reader and careful researcher, he enjoys presenting alternative theories on increasingly popular subjects dealing with the strange and inexplicable world around us.

Danelek is regularly featured at seminars and conferences around the country, speaking on the topics of ghosts, reincarnation and UFOs. He has been published in FATE magazine and has been a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and the X-Zone with Rob McConnell. He has also been a guest on Dreamland with Whitley Strieber, the Hilly Rose show, Erskine Overnight, and many popular podcasts. His books include The Case for Ghosts, Atlantis: Lessons from a Prehistoric Civilization, and UFOs: The Great Debate. His latest book is 2012: Extinction or Utopia. Danelek is also a novelist and instructor at Colorado Free University.

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