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Combinations to memory vaults often get lost with the incursion of age. This is not to say they cannot be retrieved by certain spoken words, visuals, or listening to stories that remind you of what you've forgotten. Reunions are prime gatherings for exhuming half-buried tales worth re-telling because of the reactions they precipitate from listeners. From gut-wrenching laughter, tears, sadness from discovering who passed, and incredible stories told from the lips of those least expected to tell them, fuel the adrenaline of shocking the brain to say, "That reminds me of . . . " And then, you're off and running.

Reading about a crucible filled with a myriad of things that happened in the past and diverse in subject matter, is the trigger that inspired this book. Just as one joke-teller can initiate others to blurt out their contributions to comedy, the stories herein will probably inspire the reader to recollect enough of his own to fill a volume equal to this edition. Gathering them together can also be augmented by conversations begun with "remember when . . ," especially to older people who attempted to chronicle events in your life when you were too young and busy to give them serious attention, let alone credence.

Most of the funny things that happened in people's lives were not amusing at the time they occurred. Time has a wonderful way of exposing and reversing situations to tales of interest worth retelling. The problem, of course, is to remember the combination to the repository in which they're kept for recalling.

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