U.S. Assistance to the Dominical Republic: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Inter-American Affairs of The..., 93-1, December 11, 1973

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Page 12 - Whalen. Speaking of tourism, what percentage roughly does that play in terms of the gross national product? Mr. WHALEN. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. ROBINSON. It would be comparatively small at this point but I think it might be of some interest to note something
Page 22 - million in 1971 to RDS231.7 million by October of 1972, which represents a satisfactory behavior of the money supply. Thus, the seasonal increase in the level of the money supply occurred as usual in the last 2 months of the year, as a result of the inflow of foreign exchange due to the balance-of-payments surplus, which is beneficial for our economy.
Page 7 - This I think can be attributed to four factors of some importance. First of all the development leadership in the country. Second, there is an active and socially oriented private sector. Third, the institutions of government are stronger. Fourth, there is now a more broadly based human resource capability in the Dominican Republic.
Page 30 - Precisely, we must take opportunity of the bonanza and the resources which we enjoy today, to prepare ourselves to avoid the lean years which, in economic cycles, generally follow the good years. We must with good sense integrate our reserves by following the biblical example and hoard in the years of good harvest.
Page 30 - by the facts and programs mentioned above, which shall be carried out in the key sectors of the economy. This is the most evident proof that there is a determination of facing the structural problems of our economy at their very source, which require the modernizing and dynamic force of a joint private and official effort.
Page 24 - In FIDE's first stage, the main objective of the national authorities was the creation of convenient conditions and adequate incentives, so that a new sector in the country could slowly develop with an entrepreneurial mentality, which would be willing to get involved and integrated with the development process, through the necessary investment to establish new industrial
Page 7 - We don't sit in the meeting of the National Development Commission. We do, however, watch the process very closely as an interested observer. As far as the development process is concerned, this is a Dominican effort and we have noted, as indeed have the international donors, particularly the Inter-American Development Bank
Page 29 - For the present year 1973, the Inter-American Development Bank has under study and possibly for immediate financing the following projects: Part of the first stage of Yaque del Norte irrigation project, equivalent to RDS15.5 million that it agreed to finance; the enlargement of Santo Domingo City water supply, amounting RD$13 million; the Bao Dam project, worth
Page 21 - million, even though it is admitted that more efforts can be made in order to substantially improve the tax and tariff collection systems. The increased revenue obtained allowed the Government to maintain a sound fiscal policy as pertains to the composition of the current public expenses, which has been stable since the Government took office, as only
Page 8 - private sector, having mentioned that these are active and socially oriented, I might cite a number of examples. The Santiago Association was created in early 1960 and was instrumental in creating the Superior Institute of Agriculture which has become an important source of skilled agriculturalists. Further I am sure Mr.

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