U.S. Contribution to IDA: Hearings Before the ..., 93-2, March 21,22, 1974

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1974 - 103 pages

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Page 81 - In the land of lobelias and tennis flannels The rabbit shall burrow and the thorn revisit, The nettle shall flourish on the gravel court, And the wind shall say: "Here were decent godless people: Their only monument the asphalt road And a thousand lost golf balls.
Page 87 - Association are to promote economic development, increase productivity and thus raise standards of living in the less-developed areas of the world included within the Association's membership, in particular by providing finance to meet their important developmental requirements on terms which are more flexible and bear less heavily on the balance of payments than those of conventional loans, thereby furthering the developmental objectives of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development...
Page 56 - FLOOD PROTECTION PROJECT STATEMENT OF HON. THOMAS HENNINGS, JR., A UNITED STATES SENATOR FROM THE STATE OF MISSOURI GENERAL STATEMENT Senator HENNINGS. I thank you very much, Senator Symington, for your statement and for your contribution. Now, Mr. Chairman, if I may be permitted to make a brief statement, I first want to thank you for giving us this opportunity to appear before this committee and before you as the chairman, acting as chairman of the committee. I also want to present my friend, the...
Page 42 - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I have a statement which I would like to submit for the record. Senator SPARKMAN.
Page 102 - US Senate, Washington, DC DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN: The Chamber of Commerce of the United States urges enactment of S.
Page 15 - The answer is simple and basic : very different type of world than I believe we want our children to grow up in. While we do not buy friends, we are building stronger economies in primarily the Western model — where cooperation is promoted, although not always achieved. Poverty breeds frustration and anger. In an increasingly interdependent world, it would be costly economically and politically to ignore these issues. SERIOUSNESS OF FAILURE TO SUPPORT FOURTH REPLENISHMENT Mr. Chairman, the rest...
Page 37 - ... construction of a raw water pumping station on the Hsin-Tien River with a total capacity of approximately 350,000 cubic meters a day, a raw water pipeline approximately 2.4 km. long, a water filtration and treatment plant, reservoirs with a total capacity of 65,000 cubic meters at two sites, three wells, and trunk and service water distribution mains in the city of Taipei and eight suburban communities (Tien-Mu, Hsin-Tien, Tsing-Mei, MuShan, Ohung-Ho, Tung-Ho, San-Chung and Shih-Lin). Mr. HENNESSEY....
Page 9 - What role is foreseen for the International Development Association and the soft loan windows of the regional development banks ? Fourth.
Page 90 - ... as the World Bank, the regional development banks and the IMF, will be able to provide the necessary financing for structural transformation.
Page 13 - I should note the long term development problem facing most developing nations not only has been compounded by high energy prices but by an enormous increase in fertilizer and food costs, so that for many, the issue is survival, not surfeit. IDA can and does serve only the first of these needs. IDA lends for specific projects; its funds go, as they always have, to pay the suppliers of the pumps, tractors, cement, industrial machinery, laboratory equipment and engineering services needed to build...

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