Ubiquitous and Pervasive Commerce: New Frontiers for Electronic Business

Front Cover
George Roussos
Springer London, Dec 16, 2005 - Computers - 194 pages
At the core of this book is the interplay between technological and business innovation and social practice. Although the bene?ts of 50 years of rapid advances in digital telecommunications and computing technology have not bene?ted everyone equally, they have nevertheless transformed almost every aspectofthewaywelive.Oneareawheretechnologyhashada clearimpactis in the way we conduct business. The rate of change that brings about mod- nity has been considerably strengthened by technological advances applied to product manufacturing, distribution, ?nancing, and management, which arguably form the substrate for globalization and consumerism. It is thus no surprise that businesses closely monitor advances in techn- ogy and invest considerable resources in exploring possible new applications and market opportunities. Yet, consumers’ acceptance of new ways of buying and selling depends as much on business and technology as on our society’s culture and the culture of the material environment that de?nes our values, sensibilities, and thus our commitments. Moreover, the rate of technological innovation is such that to the c- sumer, technology implementation is fully opaque.Nonetheless, opportunities to carry out commerce in novel ways also introduce risk to established - cial structures, conventions, and institutions. In modernity, risk management is one of the core functions of society and to be successful in this, societies depend on their trust of experts. Experts take risks on behalf of society and are responsible for evaluating the full extent of a particular set of hazards including those associated with a particular technology.

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