Ultimate Truth, Book 1

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AuthorHouse, May 13, 2009 - Body, Mind & Spirit
ULTIMATE TRUTH is the first volume of the 'TRUTH' series. It is a riveting, thought provoking masterpiece of theories, philosophy and great spiritual insight about our Divine nature and Celestial origins. It delves heavily into the esoteric and occult teachings that many are often unaware of or too afraid to accept. In this book, author Peter C. Rogers, D.D., Ph.D takes on many of the topics that are taboo or often hard to understand and simplifies them for the common lay person. This book will prompt you to ponder and even question a lot of the things you hold to be true. It will shake your foundation to the core causing you to wonder why you've never been taught these things in school, in church or in society. By the same token, this book will be met with public ridicule, controversy and resistance by those who are still unwilling to accept the 'Ultimate Truth' about our Being. As this book will point out, we are living in an age where truth is our only salvation and the deception of the elite will no longer be tolerated by the masses. Our planetary consciousness is stirring and we as a race of Cosmic Spiritual Beings are heeding the call of the Divine in our spirits and in our genetic memory code. This book is yet another piece of the awakening process for all those who look therein. It is a synthesis of various truths, fundamental spiritual beliefs, powerful incite and thought provoking stimuli. The only thing that now stands between you and a new way of life is You!--for a closed mind is a barrier against change. May your life be forever altered by the renewing of your mind and the liberation of your Spirit.

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This is a must read for anyone on a spiritual path!

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