Ultrasonic Processes and Machines: Dynamics, Control and Applications

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Springer Science & Business Media, Jul 16, 2007 - Computers - 330 pages
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I don’t mind your thinking slowly, I mind your publishing faster than you think. Wolfgang Pauli (1900-1958) Technologies that use high frequency (ultrasonic) vibration to intensify processes are gaining wide recognition in scienti?c and industrial envir- ments. By superimposing high frequency vibration, the basic mechanical - haviour of many processesand materialsis seen to be transformed.This leads to the developmentof newmachines and processeswith advancedcharacter- tics. Despite the fact that ultrasonic technology has been employed for many years, there is no generalised understanding of ultrasonic machines and p- cesses.Theirdesignanddevelopmenthasmainlybeenachievedusingheuristic methods based on linear acoustical considerations. This book is intended to bridge the gap between the theory and prac- cal use of ultrasonic technology. It presents generalised foundations for the dynamics and control of ultrasonic processing systems. The main concept presented is to consider ultrasonic systems as special kinds of vibratory - chines that function by exploiting nonlinear dynamic processes. This assumes coupled considerations between the ultrasonic vibration’s in?uence on the processes, and the consequence of the transformed processing loads on the excitation and control of the working tools’ vibration. Analysis is conducted in a uni?ed manner and is based on structural and frequency methods that have become well established in engineering practice. These methods are adjusted by the authors for the application to nonlinear ultrasonic systems.

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Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasonic cavitation in liquids, acceleration action and the role of a straight flow of the liquid and dirt, directly or indirectly effect, so that the dirt layer dispersion, emulsification, peeling and cleaning purposes. The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation and straight flow effect applied.

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"Advancing in the technology of ultrasonic transducer and piezo ceramic with making an easy ultrasonic way for you "
UCE Profile:Piezoelectric ceramic and Ultrasonic Component with equipment.


Models of ultrasonic processes
12 The influence of ultrasonics on the processes of plastic deformation
13 The influence of ultrasonics on the processes with dry friction
Dynamic characteristics of ultrasonic machines
22 Longitudinal vibration within an ultrasonic bar system
23 Bending vibration within an ultrasonic bar system
24 Dynamic behaviour of electroacoustic transducers
Processes in ultrasonic systems
The resonant tuning of ultrasonic machines
42 Nonlinear theory of ultrasonic concentrators
43 Autoresonant excitation of ultrasonic machines
Ultrasonically assisted machining
52 Autoresonant control of transduser nonlinear vibration
53 Ultrasonically assisted turning
54 Ultrasonically assisted drilling
55 Finite element modelling of toolmaterial interaction

32 Resonant vibration of ultrasonic bar systems with a nonlinear loading
33 Vibroimpact interactions in ultrasonic bar systems
34 Vibratory displacement of a viscoelastic bar in a media with dry friction

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