Uncle Remus and His Friends: Old Plantation Stories, Songs, and Ballads, with Sketches of Negro Character

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1892 - African Americans - 357 pages
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Page ix - ... come, tell us your reason: what sayest thou to this? POINS. Come, your reason, Jack, your reason. FAL. What, upon compulsion? 'Zounds, an I were at the strappado, or all the racks in the world, I would not tell you on compulsion. Give you a reason on compulsion ! if reasons were as plentiful as blackberries, I would give no man a reason upon compulsion, I.
Page 216 - My honey, my love! En de Pa'tridge ax, Ain't yo' peas ripe? My honey, my love! Better not walk erlong dar much atter night, My honey, my love! My honey, my love, my heart's delight — My honey, my love! De Bully-Bat fly mighty close ter de groun', My honey, my love! Mister Fox, he coax 'er, Do come down! My honey, my love! Mister Coon, he rack all 'roun' en 'roun', My honey, my love!
Page 195 - n my min'," said Uncle Remus, looking over his spectacles at the fire, with a curious air of attempting to remember something, "hit run sorter dis yer way : " ' De jay-bird hunt de sparrer-nes', De bee-martin sail all 'roun'; De squir'l he holler from de top er de tree, Mr. Mole he stay in de groun'; He hide en he stay twel de dark drap down — Mr.
Page 147 - cordin ter how de drap falls." "Pshaw!" exclaimed the youngster, "I've heard you say that before. I don't know what you mean when you say it's according to how the drop falls." "Ah-yi!" retorted Uncle Remus triumphantly, "den I'ma punkin ahead er yo' 'simmon, is I?" ''It's according to how the drop falls," rejoined the little boy, laughing. "De way dat sayin' come 'bout," said Uncle Remus, "may be funny, but 't ain't no tale. It des happen so. One time dey wuz a 'oman call on a neighbor 'oman des'...
Page 259 - What snake ?" asked the lady with something more than curiosity. " Dat ar snake what I bin interferin
Page 173 - Don't riddle me no riddles. Up en tell me like a man how I gwine ter git yo' shell off ! ' " Brer Mud Turkle 'low, ' Put me in de mud en rub my back hard ez you kin. Den de shell bleedz ter come off. Dat de reason dey calls me Brer Mud Turkie.
Page 170 - Turkle shet down on yo' han', you got ter cut off his head, en den wait twel it thunder 'fo' he turn loose. "Well, suh, he shet down on ole Brer Fox en ef you'da been anywhars in dat settlement you'da heard squallin' den ef you ain't never hear none befo'. "Brer Fox des hilt his head back en holler 'Ouch! Ouch! What dis got me? Ouch! Turn me aloose! Ouch! Somebody better run here quick! Laws a massy! Ouch!
Page 262 - joy myse'f, en I ain't mo'n doze off 'fo' he begin fer ter tetch on de comic." "On the what?" the society editor asked. "On de comic — dis yer stair w'at shows up 'fo' day wid 'er back hair down." p. 262. "Dey tells me," the old man continued, "dat 'fo' me an' Miss Sally come here, de whole place was ha'nted.
Page 150 - In dar, he did, en he put de taters in de ashes close by fer ter keep 'im comp'ny. Den he raked out some hot embers en sot de skillet on um, en he put on de skillet led, en piled some embers 'pon topper dat. "He sot dar, he did, en wait fer de possum fer ter git done, en whiles he wuz a-waitin' he struck up a song. Maybe you done hear it 'fo' now, but dat ain't make no diffunce ter me, kaze when I git started dis away, I'm like de bull yearlin' gwine down de lane; dem what gits in de way gwine ter...
Page 175 - ... Fox splunge in de water, en a little mo' en he'da drown'ded right den en dar. He went out on de bank, he did, en whiles he settin' dar dryin' hisse'f he know'd dat Brer Mud Turkle wuz laughin' at 'im, kaze he kin see de signs un it." The little boy laughed, but he shook his head incredulously. " Well," said Uncle Remus, " ef you gwine ter 'spute dat, you des ez well ter stan' up en face me down 'bout de whole tale.

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