Unconquered: A Romance

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G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1917 - 433 pages
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Page 153 - I'm carrying Mums off with me to Bramleigh. You've had your drive, Bel, and the outing will do her a power of good.' The announcement faintly ruffled Bel's conviction that all was for the best in this best of all possible worlds.
Page 387 - Then the soldier spake from the deep, dark grave : " I am content." Then he heareth the lovers laughing pass, And the soldier asks once more : " Are these not the voices of them that love, That love — and remember me ? "
Page 351 - But read her thought to speed the race, And stars rush forth of blackest night: You chill not at a cold embrace To come, nor dread a dubious might.
Page 238 - OF SYMPATHY HAWK or shrike has done this deed Of downy feathers: rueful sight! Sweet sentimentalist, invite Your bosom's Power to intercede. So hard it seems that one must bleed Because another needs will bite! All round we find cold Nature slight The feelings of the totter-knee'd.
Page 155 - and I stand astride the path of life. I am the threat of death and extinction that has always walked beside life, since life began. There can be nothing else and nothing more in human life until you have reckoned with me.
Page 280 - Am I failing? For no longer can I cast A glory round about this head of gold. Glory she wears, but springing from the mould; Not like the consecration of the Past! Is my soul beggared? Something more than earth I cry for still: I cannot be at peace In having Love upon a mortal lease. I cannot take the woman at her worth! Where is the ancient wealth wherewith I clothed Our human nakedness, and could endow With spiritual splendour a white brow That else had grinned...
Page 103 - ... well. Instinctively she glanced at Mark, whose eyes were already on her face ; and there passed between them a swift, unspoken message that eased the hearts of both. Breakfast, usually a cheerful meal, was rather a silent affair ; and the minute it was over Lady Forsyth slipped away to her turret room. Sheila was helping Ralph pack, that he might hurry down south and report himself at the India Office. Mark had gone off to the study with Keith ; and Lady Forsyth had been sitting in her chair...
Page 307 - Not vain his boast: for seemly to the Lord, Blue-robed and yellow-kerchieft, Mary went. There never was to God such worship sent By any angel in the Heavenly ways, As this that Life had utter'd for God's praise, This girlhood — as the service that Life said In the beauty and the manners of this maid. Never the harps of Heaven played such song As her grave walking through the grasses long. Yea, out of Jewry came the proof in her That the angel Life was God's best worshipper Now...
Page 170 - ... steel is pressed Home, but invisibly it tore And entered first a woman's breast. Amid the thunder of the guns, The lightnings of the lance and sword, Your hope, your dread, your throbbing pride, Your infinite passion is outpoured From hearts that are as one high heart, Withholding naught from doom and bale, Burningly offered up, — to bleed, To bear, to break, but not to fail ! FOR THE FALLEN.* With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children, England mourns for her dead across the sea.
Page 221 - Love is swift of foot ; Love's a man of war, And can shoot, And can hit from far. Who can 'scape his bow? That which wrought on Thee, Brought Thee low, Needs must work on me. Throw away Thy rod; Though man frailties hath, Thou art God : Throw away Thy wrath ! Love Love bade me welcome ; yet my soul drew back, Guilty of dust and sin.

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