Uncontrolled Substance: The Solution

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AuthorHouse, Nov 18, 2008 - Fiction
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Uncontrolled Substance About the book Uncontrolled Substance is more than a world unknowingly suffering from an out of control drug problem. Enhanced drugs have quickly become the only way for humans to keep up. The world is strained. However essential government employees are shielded from all, until now. It begins with a young man, Captain Harrison who is now running from his difficulties concerning life in the space program, the only home that he knows. He acquires even more trouble at his temporary assignment with the Drug Enforcement Administration, and later learns that they are both linked to the same project. As most of us, he realizes that his personal struggles are not as important as what he would believe. Now reassigned to the planet he conceives how people are forced to live. What secrets are shrouded under the new political system? What people have become after generations of drug misuse, also just how very crucial drug money is to the government. However, the governments head counselor is not that easily controlled and the counsel has a plan of its' own. The government is not taking the blame for the worlds problems. Particularly the years of out of control drug abuse that has left the planet altered. Today, drugs affects ever single person in some way. How will this manifest itself in coming generations? Will anyone recall how it began? Does the government have a solution? Has the solution already commenced? Captain Harrison volunteered for what he believed to be a war on drugs, it alternatively turns into a fight for humanity. It's taken me several years to capture the true essence of the final effects from generations of drug abuse. This of course being just one account, of which all will end badly. Kennethfoust .com

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