Unconventional & Spiritual Marriage

Front Cover
Trafford Publishing, 2008 - Self-Help - 96 pages

Don't sell your soul to the devil to protect a marriage that is stagnated, blocking your personality and spirituality. Marriage can only survive long term if it is imprinted with the elements of Spirituality which are to enjoy the simple mysteries of Love, be attentive, respectful, accepting of each other's flows and have a genuine interest in each other's physical, emotional, intellectual and material goals. This kind of intimacy will bond you with that everlasting electricity that runs through your veins. Any relationship cannot be sustained by one sided affection and work; it must be a mutual understanding between two people wanting the same path.

Intimacy is a huge part of our human thirst, the lack of it will bring down any good marriage over time thereby it is imperative that we connect to our partner and his/her needs which will elevate the harmony, contentment and happiness that come with this fulfillment. Marriage is a sacred and healing place where constant work is needed to keep that magic alive with a nurturing and caring attitude. In an ever revolving world, our life, circumstance and relationships are put to the test and it is our challenge to step beyond these adjustments and walk hand in hand with our spiritual partner to embrace the world that awaits our participation. Marriage is not a prison cell, it is a happy place where you live, learn and grow. Please come and share my journey as to how I redeemed my soul.

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