Under King Constantine

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A. D. F. Randolph (incorporated), 1892 - American literature - 123 pages
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Page 129 - Then anon they heard cracking and crying of thunder, that them thought the place should all to-drive. In the midst of this blast entered a sunbeam more clearer by seven times than ever they saw day, and all they were alighted of the grace of the Holy Ghost.
Page 129 - ... for then there was no knight that might speake any word a great while ; and so they looked every man on other as they had beene dombe.
Page 129 - But at the last he found a chamber whereof the door was shut ; and he set his hand thereto, to have opened it, but he might not. Then he listened, and heard a voice which sung so sweetly that it seemed none earthly thing ; and the voice said, " Joy and honor be to the Father of heaven.
Page 75 - Of many a tournament. She still was young, Fairer than morning in the early spring. When she had come, a gladsome bride, to grace The castle of old Reginault, and warm His grand old spirit into youth again, Sir Kathanal had bowed before her, saying, "My gracious lady, take me as your knight"; And she had answered, with her winning smile, "You are Sir Reginault's, and therefore mine.
Page 129 - Then anon they heard cracking, and crying of thunder, that hem thought the place should all torive : in the midst of the blast entred a sunne beame more clear by seaven times than ever they saw day, and all they were alighted of the grace of the holy Ghost.
Page 75 - ... have I done? It is the omen of a curse to me; My crest is gone, my knightly symbol lost, My helm dishonoured through an act of mine." Then came the memory of early youth, The recollection of a high resolve To keep his manhood free from touch of stain, To be a knight like Galahad, pure and true.
Page 98 - In the name of God the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost ! ' And God blessed the faith plighted in His name.
Page 66 - Constantine once gave him, for some feat, A brilliant Order, with the meaning words, " The greatest conquest is to conquer self.

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