Under One Roof

Front Cover
Isobel McKay, 2021
Under one roof, there are lots of wonderful things. Including games, family and fun! Join the characters of Under One Roof as they discover all that their home has to offer. What will you find under one roof? After looking for a book her son that incorporated a multi-generational household and failing to find one, Isobel McKay decided to write her own. Via her research, she found that, in 2018, 1 in 5 Australian homes were multi-generational. In modern Australia, multi-generational living is now as much a financial choice for families as it is a cultural norm for others. In their AHURI Final Report about multi-generation households, senior research fellows at the City Futures Research Centre, Easthope and Liu (2012) contend that "while closeness between parents and children is the most telling factor in influencing the likelihood of parent-adult offspring cohabitation, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of these households play a significant role in the practice of multi-generation living. However, recent research shows that possible socioeconomic factors and financial stressors may be behind the increase in multi-generation households in the western world." The author created this book to show the many wonderful activities that take place within a multi-generation household through diversity. Multi-generation homes may be full of noise, movement and mess, but they are also full of love.Source: Liu E. and Easthope H. (2012) Multi-generation households in Australian cities, AHURI Final Report No.181. Melbourne: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute.

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