Understand the True Self: The Treasure Within

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Trafford Publishing, 2005 - 251 pages

This groundbreaking new book offers the reader a new vista of understanding. Here are wonderful timeless truths that will give a complete yet simple and easy way to understand the inner workings of consciousness, brain, emotions and imagination.

This book is very different than any other self-help book. It is not based on the use of positive thinking, affirmations, and willpower. Instead this book is based on the principle that as people become aware of the truth about themselves and the outer world, they are set free of their false assumptions, which are the root cause of the problems in their lives.

Part 1 "The Compass"

In this part of the book, readers are given a special technique that is easy to learn and simple to use. This technique will in time eliminate all of their inner conflict and psychological suffering. Much more than a way to simply improve one's life, this technique is actually the way to total self-transformation. Readers will also learn the true secret for completely changing their self-image.

Part 2 "The Map"

In this part of the book, readers are given a simple, easy way to understand the inner workings of their mind and emotions. No matter what is going on within, they will be able to easily see and understand this inner process.

Part 3 "The Treasure"

This part of the book offers readers a description of the treasure within themselves and the entirely new and different life they will be living. When people fully understand their true nature and their purpose in life, they begin living in the richness of a trouble-free existence that allows them to be truly happy. This is the treasure within.


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