Undine: Sintram and His Companions

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Page 9 - ... their pains to haunts the most wild and desolate ; as if rocks could form a rampart against misfortune, — as if the calm of Nature could hush the tumults of the soul That Providence which lends its support when we ask but the supply of our necessary wants had a blessing in reserve for Madame de la Tour, which neither riches nor greatness can purchase ; this blessing was a friend. The spot to which Madame de la Tour fled had already been inhabited a year by a young woman of a lively, good-natured,...
Page 19 - One day, coming down that mountain, I saw Virginia at the end of the garden, running towards the house, with her petticoat thrown over her head, in order to screen herself from a shower of rain. At a distance, I thought she was alone ; but as I hastened...
Page 107 - The angel's song? Oh, lift thy drooping head, Thou who in gloom and dread Hast lain so long. Death comes to set thee free; Oh, meet him cheerily As thy true friend, And all thy fears shall cease, And in eternal peace Thy penance end.
Page 114 - The cables at the head of the vessel were torn away ; it was then held by one anchor only, and was instantly dashed upon the rocks, at the distance of half a cable's length from the shore. A general cry of horror issued from the spectators. Paul rushed towards the sea, when, seizing him by the arm, I exclaimed, ' Would you perish ?' —
Page 80 - ... than the land. Since I cannot live with her, at least I will die before her eyes ; far from you, inhuman mother ! woman without compassion ! May the ocean, to which you trust her, restore her to you no more ! May the waves, rolling back our corpses amidst the stones of the beach, give you, in the loss of your two children, an eternal subject of remorse !' " At these words I seized him in my arms, for despair had deprived him of reason.
Page 30 - The sun shines full upon our huts at noon : we must pass, as we did this morning, over that mountain with its three points, which you see yonder. Come, let us be moving.
Page 5 - ... the north. On the left rises the mountain, called the Height of Discovery, whence the eye marks the distant sail when it first touches the verge of the horizon, and whence the signal is given when a vessel approaches the island. At the foot of this mountain stands the town of Port Louis. On the right is formed the road which stretches from Port Louis to the, Shaddock Grove, where the church, bearing that name, lifts its head, surrounded by its avenues of bamboo, in the...
Page 117 - Paul, which she had promised him never to part with while she lived ! At the sight of this last mark of the fidelity and tenderness of the unfortunate girl, I wept bitterly. As for Domingo, he beat his breast, and pierced the air with his cries.
Page 114 - The billows at the same moment threw the unfortunate Paul far upon the beach, his legs bathed^ in blood, his bosom wounded, and himself half dead. The moment he had recovered...
Page 60 - ... rising in a misty horizon, appeared of supernatural magnitude. The drooping cattle, on the sides of the hills, stretching out their necks towards heaven, and panting for air, made the vallies re-echo with their melancholy lowings.

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