Ungodly: A True Story of Unprecedented Evil

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Indigo Publishing Group, 2007 - Religion - 272 pages
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Ungodly is the strange, shameful story of how a street kid declared himself a god and was thus granted immunity for a long career of crime. Dwight York, aka Imam Isa, Dr. Malachi Z. York, and Baba, among others, was so adept at playing the race and religion cards that, for 35 years he successfully trumped a series of politicians, prosecutors, police and school officials, academicians and journalists who might have, or should have, stopped him. So this is also the shameful story of how the fear of being politically incorrect, of being accused of practicing discrimination based on race and religion, silenced the majority and allowed the abuses to continue unabated, while young lives were destroyed.

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The author of this book payed people to LIE on a innocent man! The cover in itself is very racists and offensive to people of color.

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One person is not responsible for all the crimes against the people, it is a conglomerate of characters and players that used us for wealth and it continues.
First he is not a master teacher, a master teacher do not continue to teach any religion that is murdering, raping, stealing the lives of children, abuse women, falsely imprison the men for crimes commited by others, use others for sex, degrade others to be somebody, play god games with children, men and women lives, be partly to sexual abuse to children, men and women, use others lives and then blame the victims, abuse women and children because he and his team could, a master teacher does not stalk, dumb down their students, pay others to stalk, use other bodies to murder, come into others world to attack. No none of them are master teachers many have abused their powers.
The entertainment and political realm granted themselves immunity for their crimes, claim to be Moors, gods, jesus, satan and all of those characters, taking advantage of people's spirituality and all over the earth assaulting the women, children and degrading the men while claiming they are spiritual connected.
As I looked at my life, found out about Tamare, the Egyptian theme, the Royal, Twin Towers, the Pharaoh and how it all tied in to Memphis, Tennessee.
It is definitely true the people at Tamare' and New York that is apart of this group as Memphis has been illegally and wrongfully microchip for profit, organize crime, illegal spying is how things unfolded as far as the sex abuse and many more silent crimes. There has been obstruction of justice and a large conspiracy to silence me and anyone else speaking out about the silent ills happening and the main stream is not speaking about it.
What I found out is the politicians on Capitol Hill and in Washington, the entertainers, private people, foreign surveillance teams, those in secret rankings of the military and the justice department abused many African American children, men and women to destablize the family, ruin their lives, sexually abuse them, use them to become wealthy, for pornography, sex with animals for filming, murder for human organs, murder for sacrificial lambs for the guilty, to say we are animals and all done under the watch of the FBI, CIA, military and all high ranking law enforcements and the people are the drones. Drones are people used via the microchip, cctvs to pirate and take over a person's body to steal their way of life thus destablizing the communities and the cities.
Once the African American communities was destablize, these players went on to steal people's 401k, bank accounts, credit card informations, set up fake charities, the ponzi schemes is too many mention thus destablizing the communities again.
Most of the corporations hire these people to also brainwash and mind control people to be on cigarettes causing the tobacco industry to thrive, drugs thus causing the same players wealth and they are apart of the Washington and Hollywood gang.
The major media have not talked about electronic torture, illegal microchip, human trafficking and who is doing it all is silent.
I never knew about Tamare' and once I saw it I thought it was a very nice scenery without knowing the full effects of horrors until I realized I too just as them had been used and abused to be a MK Ultra Monarch sex slave for the Hollwyood industry, those in politics and to be human trafficked, tortured and led to a road of abuse just the same as these children, women and men. I wonder are they still being abused? Because the sexual abuse, torture has not ended and wonder are the children being abused, they certain tried with my grandbaby and she is only 4 and this is the truth.
Not one man, not one woman stood in the gap for them, stood up for them, came to their defense and I am sure just as I they are receiving the Nazi treatment and torture everyday from their abusers in the industry and government thinking it is something wrong with them.
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About the author (2007)

Bill Osinski is an aircraft engineer-turned journalist who has worked for eleven newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution for sixteen years. His prior work has contributed to the release of a convicted murderer from death row in Ohio and in opening a state investigation in Kentucky which established that a previously-exonerated state trooper shot a cop killing suspect in the back. He was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in investigative reporting for articles exposing illegal practices in the coal mining industry. He lives in metro Atlanta with him wife, Eileen, and writes screenplays.

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