United States Congressional Serial Set, Ediția 11729

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1954


Appointment of Leland H Hewitt to International Boundary and Water Commission United States and Mexico
Authorizing rehabilitation at Military Academy 1333 Entitling certain retired enlisted and warrant officer personnel to retired enlisted or warrant offi...
Repealing sec 307 of Federal civil defense act rel to proclaiming state of civil defense emergency
Longterm charter of tankers by Navy
Korean prisonerofwar leave credits
Independent offices appropriation bill 1955
Transmission and disposition of electric energy generated at Faloon Dam on Rio Grande
Suspension of deportation of certain aliens 1342 Relief of grandchildren of William Wong Foon Kew 1343 Relief of Apostolos S Vassiliadis 1344 R...
Relief of Elie J Hakim and family
Relief of Theresa E Leventer 1317 Relief of Paula N Mahler Paula N Schibuk 1348 Relief of Esperanza J Trejo 1319 Relief of John Lampropoulos
Relief of Kenneth R Kleinman
Relief of Don B Whelan
Relief of legal guardian of Raymond Gibson 13 73 Relief of Frederick W Lee 1354 Relief of Theodore W Carlson
Relief of Ann E Caulk 1356 Relief of Elizabeth M ORourke Mrs James J 1357 Relief of Henry M Denning et al 1358 Relief of Robert E Leibbrand
Changing Armistice Day to Veterans
Relief of Mark Vainer
Relief of Katherine L Sewell 1367 Relief of Arthur S Rosichan
Relief of Josette L St Marie 1369 Granting status of permanent residence to certain alicns 1370 Relief of Margot Goldschmidt
Water facility loans for water storage and utilization in U S 1372 Approving southeastern interstate forest fire protection compact
Civil functions Army Department appropriation bill 1955
Commissioners of District of Columbia to sell certain property located in Montgomery County Md
Redemption of District of Columbia tax stamps 1378 Amending act to regulate practice of veterinary medicine in District of Columbia
Prescribing and regulating procedure for adoption in District of Columbia 1380 Amending act which regulates placement of children in family home...
Merger of Columbus University of Washington D C into Catholic Uni versity of America 1382 Increasing penalty for unlicensed practice of healing ...
Disqualification of former employees of District of Columbia in matters connected with former duties
Public Utilities Commission of D C to regulate payment of dividends by public utilities in D C
Regulating sale of shell eggs in District of Columbia 1386 Regulation of public utilities in District of Columbia 1387 Establishing Family Court for Di...
Relief of Alton Bramer
Relief of Charles Peroulas
Relief of Mojsze Hildeshaim and wife
Relief of Sister Antonella Marie Gutterres Thereza Maria Gutterres
Relief of Michela Aurucci
Relief of Joseph R Groninger 1398 Relief of Louise R Sozanski 1399 Relief of Anthony B Estella and family 1400 Relief of Lucy Personius
Relief of Borys Naumenko
Relief of Guiseppi Castrogiovanni and family 1403 Relief of Walter P Sylvester
Relief of Inge Krarup
Relief of Katherina Picerkona and son 1406 Relief of Paul S Awaji Paul M Simpson
Relief of Berta Hellmich
1409 Relief of Joseph Crimi minor
Relief of Paolino Berchielli and family 1411 Relief of Helen M Roberts Helen M Rebalska 1412 Relief of Keiko Inouye 1413 Relief of Harold D Bis...
Relief of Martha Farah
Relief of Alwine Reichenbauch
Relief of Sahag Vartanian
lielief of Montgomery of San Francisco Calif
lielief of Pravomil V Maly and Jarmila Maly 1421 Relief of Herschel D Reagan
Relief of John Enepekides and family 1423 Relief of Alfio Ferrara
Relief of Barbara H Geschwandtner 1425 Relief of Auguste I Angeli 1426 Relief of Mrs Ishi Washburn
Relief of Ito Yukiko
Providing for disposal of paid postal savings certificates 1429 Agricultural appropriation bill 1955
Extending time for erection of memorial to Simon Bolivar 1431 Extending time for erection of memorial to Mohandas K Gandhi 1432 Relief of Col...
Appointment of deputy United States marshals without provisions of civil service laws and regulations
Relief of Hermine Lorenz
Office expenses for fulltime court commissioners 1437 Relief of Lucia Mezilgoglou
Limiting power of single judge or justice to grant stay of execution in habeas corpus proceedings
Relief of Erika G Osteraa 1440 Relief of Romola Nijinsky and Paul BohusVilagosi 1441 Relief of Rose Kaczmarczyk 1442 Relief of Helga Rossmann...
Relief of Antonio Messina
Relief of Roger Knutsen 1445 Establishing time limitation for filing claims under Contract settlement act of 1944
Relief of Ruth I Ledermann 1447 Relief of estate of Anna I R Wells and others 1448 Relief of Jean Sutherland
Relief of Paul D Banning and others
Relief of Leon H Callaway and others
Relief of Henry C Bush and others
Unauthorized use of Armed Forces exchange names
Contracts of Members of Congress exempt leases and prospecting permits 1451 Relief of Lydia W Butz 1455 Relief of Ingeborg B Johnson 1456 Rel...
Appointment of representatives in time of national emergency
Jury commission for each district court
Relief of John L de Montigny
Relief of Ertogroul Osman
Extending best wishes of Congress to Berea College Berea Ky upon
Affirming temporary appointments of certain officers of Navy
Authorizing construction of certain naval vessels
Pay of certain employees for nonworkdays set by administrative order
Voting in Armed Forces
Federal housing insurance program
and VI Federal National Mortgage Association and the volun
Title IVLowrent public housing
Section by section analysis
Title IIFederal National Mortgage Association
Title IVLowrent public housing
Title VIVoluntary home mortgage credit programContinued Page
ordon rule
Amending Hawaiian organic act rel to jurisdiction over revenue from
Amending act transferring park land to Hawaii to make land available
Hawaiian Homes Commission to exchange lands for publicly owned lands
Amending Hawaiian Homes Commission act rel to leasing of pastoral lands
search of Agriculture Department
Amending Commodity exchange act to remove limit on fees for registration of commission merchants and brokers
Authorizing banks for cooperatives to issue consolidated debentures
Land transfer to University of California 1500 Conveyance of land to England Special School District Arkansas 1501 Conveyance of reserved interes...
Amending Commodity exchange act so as to include onions
Transferring site of original Fort Buford N Dak to North Dakota 1504 Amending Federal reserve act to correct omission in Small business act of 1953
1503 Amending Federal reserve act relative to national bank buildings 1506 Interior Department appropriation bill 1955
Inviting nurse Genevieve de GalardTerraube to be honored guest of United States
Prohibiting Communists from certain employment
Relief of Leonard Hungerford
Relief of Maly Braunstein and Aurelia Rappaport
Relief of Ignacy Adam and family 1512 Relief of Harry C Barney
1513 Relief of Stella Rebner 1514 Relief of Generosa Bonet
Relief of Barbara G Coster 1516 Relief of Wesley H Leahy 1517 Relief of Katharina Link
Relief of Josip Stanic
Relief of Ian Yungcheng Hu 1520 Relief of Francesco Marinelli
Relief of Terrance Waller
23 Relief of Robert L Williams 1524 Relief of Frank L McCartha
Relief of Olympia Cuc 1526 Relief of Mrs H OKane nee Mary A Dancer
Relief of Milton Beatty and others
Settlement contracts with Sioux Indians for lands acquired for Fort Ran
Relief of Nicholas Katem and family 1529 Relief of Klyce Motors
Transferring operation of hospital and health facilities for Indians to Public Health Service
Providing for use of tribal funds of Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado to authorize per capita payment
To permit mining etc of mineral resources of public lands withdrawn or reserved for power development
Authorizing additional funds to complete International Peace Garden N
Yeaandnay votes on treaties 1535 Amending Helium act rel to disposal of byproducts etc 1536 Authorizing additional use of government motor vehi...
Extending period during which General Services Administration may conduct surplus property sales
Conveyance to Texas Hill Country Development Foundation of surplus land in Kerr County Tex
Relief of Hans Schroeder
State Justice and Commerce Departments appropriation bill 1955
Relief of Fernando A Rubio
Relief of Alma S WittlinFrischauer
Relief of Peter J Copses and family 1546 Relief of Luigi Cicchinelli
Relief of Joseph H Hedmark
District court for southern district of New York to hear claim of Bunker Hill Development Corporation
1549 Relief of Robert H Webster
Relief of Karl L von Schlieder
Relief of Mrs Robert L Slaughter nee Elisa 0 Orat 1552 Relief of George P Price 1553 Relief of Clair F Bowman
Relief of Carl E Welchner 1555 Relief of Richard A Kurth
Relief of Mrs Carl Dobratz
Relief of Aina Brizga
Relief of Susie Lamb Mrs S Eugene 1559 Relief of American Surety Co of New York and other surety companies 1560 Relief of Chester H Tuck Ma...
Relief of Guillermo M Chacon 1562 Relief of George Japhet
Relief of Carl A Annis Wayne C Cranney and Leslie 0 Yarwood
Relief of Floyd C Barber
Relief of Leo F Pinder
Relief of Willard C Cauley 1567 Relief of Frank St Charles
Relief of Huntington McLaren
Relief of Ralph S Pearman and others
Relief of Paul G Kendall
Relief of Welch Sanders 1572 Relief of estates of Opal Perkins and Kenneth Ross 1573 Relief of David Hanan
Relief of Albert Vincent
Relief of Duncan M Chalmers and others
Relief of Augusta SelmerAndersen 1577 Relief of Mrs Merle Cappeller Weyel
Relief of William B Baker and Don P Fankhauser
Defense Department appropriation bill 1955
Amending Standard container act to provide for 38bushel basket for fruits and vegetables
Authorizing conveyance of lands to Prince Georges School Board
Providing for White House Conference on Education
Issuance of special nonquota immigration visas to alien sheepherders
Trade agreements extension
Amending Tariff act of 1930 relative to footwear with fabric uppers
Acreage limitation amendments to Mineral leasing
Medical facilities survey and construction act of 1954

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Pagina 37 - CHANGES IN EXISTING LAW In compliance with subsection (4) of rule XXIX of the Standing Rules of the Senate, changes in existing law made by the bill, as reported, are shown as follows (existing law proposed to be omitted is enclosed in black brackets, new matter is printed in italic, existing law in which no change is proposed is shown in roman...
Pagina 37 - Interior, who shall transmit and dispose of such power and energy in such manner as to encourage the most widespread use thereof at the lowest possible rates to consumers consistent with sound business principles, the rate schedules to become effective upon confirmation and approval by the Federal Power Commission.
Pagina 37 - State, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of the Air Force, the Secretary of the Treasury...
Pagina 37 - (c) That nothing contained in the treaty or protocol shall be construed as authorizing the Secretary of State of the United States, the Commissioner of the United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission...
Pagina 37 - Rossmann and her child, having considered the same, reports favorably thereon without amendment and recommends that the bill do pass.
Pagina 37 - CHANGES IN EXISTING LAW MADE BY THE BILL, AS REPORTED In compliance with clause 3 of rule XIII of the Rules of the House of Representatives, changes in existing law made by the bill, as reported, are shown as follows (existing law proposed to be omitted is enclosed in black brackets, new matter is printed in italic...
Pagina 37 - That hereafter, immedately upon official notification of the death from wounds or disease, not the result of his own misconduct, of any officer or enlisted man on the active list of the...
Pagina 37 - That any person who is the head of a family, or who has arrived at the age of twenty-one years, and is a citizen of the United States, or who shall have filed his declaration of intention to become such...
Pagina 37 - States, and for other purposes, having considered the same, report favorably thereon with amendments and recommend that the bill as amended do pass. The amendments are as follows : Page 2.
Pagina 37 - The answer to the first question is yes. The answer to the second question is that...

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