United States International Economic Policy in an Interdependent World: Compendium of Papers. Papers submitted to the Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy and published in conjunction with the Commission's Report to the President, Том 1

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1971
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Страница 318 - Agreement, including tariff concessions, any product is being imported into the territory of that contracting party in such increased quantities and under such conditions as to cause or threaten serious injury to domestic producers in that territory of like or directly competitive products...
Страница 414 - Act, then upon the importation of any such article or merchandise into the United States, whether the same shall be imported directly from the country of production or otherwise, and whether such article or merchandise is imported in the same condition as when exported from the country of production or has been changed in condition by remanufacture or otherwise, there shall be levied and paid, in all such cases, in addition to the duties otherwise imposed by this Act, an additional duty equal to...
Страница 319 - ... being imported into the United States in such increased quantities, either actual or relative, as to cause or threaten serious injury to the domestic industry producing like or directly competitive products.
Страница 414 - Whenever any country, dependency, colony, province, or other political subdivision of government, person, partnership, association, cartel, or corporation shall pay or bestow, directly or indirectly, any bounty or grant upon the manufacture or production or export of any article...
Страница 318 - ... serious injury to domestic producers in that territory of like or directly competitive products, the contracting party shall be free, in respect of such product, and to the extent and for such time as may be necessary to prevent or remedy such injury, to suspend the obligation in whole or in part or to withdraw or modify the concession.
Страница 47 - Companies or firms formed in accordance with the law of a Member State and having their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the Community shall, for the purposes of this Chapter, be treated in the same way as natural persons who are nationals of Member States. "Companies or firms...
Страница 414 - ... and such article or merchandise is dutiable under the provisions of this Act, then upon the Importation of any such article or merchandise into the united States...
Страница 33 - Member States aim to contribute, in the common interest, to the harmonious development of world trade, the progressive abolition of restrictions on international trade and the lowering of customs barriers.
Страница 333 - Automotive Products Trade Act of 1965". PURPOSES SEC. 102. The purposes of this Act are — (1) to provide for the implementation of the Agreement Concerning Automotive Products Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Canada signed on January 16, 1965...
Страница 415 - The Secretary of the Treasury shall from time to time ascertain and determine, or estimate, the net amount of each such bounty or grant, and shall declare the net amount so determined or estimated.

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