United States "history" as the Yankee Makes and Takes it

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Cussons, May & Company, 1900 - United States - 93 pages
This book discusses the differentiating views of Civil War history from Union and Southern viewpoints.

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Page 60 - An ineradicable dread of the coming power of the Southwest lurked in New England, especially in Massachusetts.
Page 92 - have been diligent in a systematic distortion of the leading facts of American history— inventing, suppressing, perverting, without scruple or shame—until our Southland stands to-day, pilloried to the scorn of all the world, and bearing on her front the brand of every infamy.
Page 46 - the rebel more odious than history has thus far depicted him, and at the same time to put the yankee in such a position that the world will be compelled to admire him! For the attainment of so patriotic an end surely nothing more should be needed than the Grand Army's simple requisition. The needful appropriation might be graced by a
Page 19 - more akin in character to the Spaniard on the south of them, who made the Indian work for him, than to the New Englander, who worked for himself." * * "To work for them they had from the first a number of indentured servants, or bondsmen, jailbirds, many of them; some kidnapped by
Page 64 - on their own account. Meantime the Governor of Massachusetts occupied himself in calling a public fast-day for deploring the war against a nation which had long been the "bulwark of the religion
Page 82 - he give to Goldwin Smith's History of the United States. The quotations from this work would indicate that in his hunger to be bold and picturesque, Prof. Smith was as reckless and sweeping in his statements as the prophet was when he said that all Cretians were liars. Certainly some of
Page 13 - from the victor's standpoint alone. The existing histories are to be expurgated. Every tribute to Southern heroism is to be blotted out, and the sum total of martial glory is to be transferred to the Grand Army of the Republic. This plan has doubtless many advantages. It seems to settle hard questions so easily. Military fame is
Page 63 - that all the massed power of majorities could not drag down the principle of sovereignty, altho that principle might be enthroned in but a single State. In 1812 Massachusetts and Connecticut refused to allow their militia to be sent beyond their State lines, and on being left to their own
Page 49 - Old Stonewall's Commissary," altho in his dispatches he modestly forbore to mention the rank they gave him. General Pope was also famous for his dispatches, and never were those dispatches more aglow with victory than whilst he was being cuffed and cudgeled from the banks of the

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