United States internal-revenue gaugers' manual: embracing regulations and instructions, and tables, prescribed by the commissioner of internal revenue

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Govt. print. off., 1900 - Cooking - 606 pages

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Page 136 - ... shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars, and imprisoned not more than three years.
Page 48 - That on and after the passage of this Act there shall be levied and collected on all distilled spirits in bond at that time or that have been or that may be then or thereafter produced in or imported into the United States...
Page 135 - ... dollars nor more than five thousand dollars, and imprisoned not less than six months nor more than three years.
Page 164 - The left-hand column contains the reading of the hydrometer and on the same horizontal line, in the body of the table, in the "Temperature" column corresponding to the reading of the thermometer is the corrected reading or "true percent of proof.
Page 555 - ... by a definite amount. To do this, divide the alcohol in the given strength by the alcohol in the required strength, multiply the quotient by the water in the required strength, and subtract the water in the given strength from the product. The remainder is the number of gallons of water to be added to 100 gallons of spirits of the given strength to produce a spirit of a required strength.
Page 135 - Canada, fails to report in writing, such knowledge or information to his next superior officer ; or, (f) demands or accepts or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly as payment or gift or otherwise, any sum of money, or other thing of value, for the compromise...
Page 127 - Placing of trade marks on Government head forbidden. No marks, brands, caution notices, or other devices whatsoever will be permitted on the Government head of any package or Government side of any case, other than the stamps, labels, marks, or brands required or authorized to be affixed by law or this part.
Page 33 - Having thus found the mean diameter, multiply the square of the mean diameter, in inches, by the decimal .0034, which is substantially the same as dividing by 294, being the number of cylindrical inches in a wine gallon, and the product will be the wine gallons in one inch in length. Multiply this by the length in inches and the product will be the capacity of the cask in wine gallons.
Page 44 - USC 5212, 5308, 5310) 182.522 Regauge marks. If a package is regauged, the proprietor will stencil on the side of the metal package next to the bunghole, in the order named, the gross weight, tare, net weight, wine gallons, proof, and proof gallons, determined at the time of withdrawal. In the case of barrels, the proprietor will cut the above data, in the order named, on the stave to the right of the bungstave of each package withdrawn beginning at the middle and extending toward the Government...
Page 163 - Proof spirits shall be held to be that alcoholic liquor which contains one-half its volume of alcohol of a specific gravity of seven thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine ten-thousandths (.7939) at sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

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