Kelly's Universal First Reader

Front Cover
Henry Athanasius Brann
T. Kelly, 1888 - Readers - 93 pages
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Page 10 - A, a; B, b; C, c ; D, d; E, e ; F, f; G, g; H, h; I, i; J, j; K, k ; L, 1; M, m ; N, n...
Page 37 - DO your best, — your very best, And do it every day ; Little boys and little girls, That is the wisest way.
Page 37 - Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the people you can...
Page 66 - To do to others as I would That they should do to me, Will make me honest, kind, and good, As children ought to be.
Page 38 - One thing each time, And that done well, Is a very good rule, As many can tell.
Page 38 - WORK while you work , Play while you play, That is the way to be Cheerful and gay. All that you do, Do with your might ; Things done by halves Are never done right.
Page vii - ... Method." Experience clearly demonstrates that a child does not learn to read by either the " Sentence," the "Word," or the "Phonic Method," alone. Any one method pursued by itself, retards the progress, and distorts the development, of the child. No method is complete that does not include both— ANALYSIS AND SYNTHESIS. It is natural to the mind to separate wholes into parts, and to combine parts into wholes. Children must be trained to separate both the spoken-word, and the written-word into...
Page vii - New Words,* for at this period the sound of each new word must be learned by imitation. The children must be made acquainted with the variety, form and use of this notation. To this end there are arranged= "GROUPS OF WORDS FOR COMPARING SOUNDS. These lists of words have been carefully selected from the number of words already learned. They will afford the pupil a key to the pronunciation of other words.
Page 94 - XXI 2 two II 22 twenty-two XXII 3 three III 23 twenty-three XXIII 4 four IV 24 twenty-four XXIV 5 five V 25 twenty-five XXV 6 six VI 26 twenty-six XXVI 7 seven VII 27 twenty-seven XXVII 8 eight VIII 28 twenty-eight XXVIII 9 nine IX 29 twenty-nine XXIX 10 ten X 30 thirty XXX 11 eleven XI 40 forty XL 12 twelve XII 50 fifty L 13 thirteen XIII 60 sixty LX 14 fourteen XIV 70 seventy LXX 15 fifteen XV...
Page 72 - Their wagon is small. Only two can ride in it. Where will they drive ? They may go to see their sister Lillie ; she is with her grandma. How soon will they go ? Just as soon as Charlie gets into the wagon, he will pull the reins, and away the ponies will go. Charlie and the girls make pets of these ponies. They could not love them more than they do.

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