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AuthorHouse, May 1, 2009 - 236 pages
Twenty years ago, the topic of Satan emerged for Anneliese Widman, PhD, while she was searching for a doctoral thesis subject. The following words appeared on a piece of paper, as though she were writing them automatically: the demonic aspect in the human personality. The concept underlying those words was manna from heaven; she realized that she was in touch with a monumental topic. She became aware that our insufficient egos stem not only from our parents' words and behavior, but also from the demonic intention that underlies the parents' feelings toward their offspring. She began to understand the ways that voices could destroy the self, limiting normal functioning, and she devised a method to help identify these voices and help a patient extricate him or herself from the power of their irrational impact on the psyche. In Unleashing Satan's Grip, through two patients' case histories, she shows how they deal with struggles similar to, yet different from, those we all face. The purpose of this book is to show the reader how to return to the Source, devoid of the evil ones, and to bring ways to master these forces and to remember the origin we all share-our Source, the vital force of our true self-and to ally with it as our friend and guide. It is available to all who seek it. Finding the true Self is a mammoth undertaking; the process can take many years to accomplish. As Dr. Widman writes, "The task is a noble one, but we are all noble and godlike at our basic core. Is not the purpose of being on this planet to bring that core into the light, out of the unlit labyrinth, to completion-our connection to our Godself? This book will demonstrate how to approach such completion.

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The Concepts Underneath the Story
Exposing the Parental Demonic Voices
The Construct for Processing the Parental Demonic
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