Us Army Twenty Years/Plus

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This is a story about an enlisted man from Georgia who served more than 20 years in the US Army. The story begins with his enlistment in August 1951, taking basic training at Camp Gordon, Georgia and retiring with more than 20 years service at Fort Gordon on February 29, 1972. It gives an overview of his advancement in rank from Private to First Sergeant. Marsingill was not a combat arms soldier but was in the Signal Corps which served as the eyes and ears of the combat forces. He was not a combat hero but did serve two years in combat zones in Korea and Vietnam. The story tells of his assignments to Korea, Japan, Germany, Argentina, Liberia and Vietnam. Some of his over-sea assignments were typical for the military and some not so typical. Some of his assignments containing interesting duties were in Korea, Argentina, Liberia and Vietnam. In Argentina he taught maintenance and repair of radio communications equipment to soldiers of the Argentine army. At first they were skeptical about the methods for teaching by the US Army. Before the end of the mission the Argentine soldiers agreed with the teaching methods and expressed their appreciation. In Liberia Marsingill served one year as Senior Advisor to the Liberian Army officer who commanded the Liberia Signal Unit. The Liberian Army Signal officer, Lt. Gray Allison, was later promoted to Captain by President Tubman. After Samuel Doe took control of the Liberian Government, Allison was promoted to Major General and appointed to the position of Defense Minister. In 1989 Allison was charged with murder in the killing of a young police officer so the victim's heart and other organs could be used in black magic rituals. While in Liberia Marsingill established a training program for the Liberian Army to teach basic electronics and repair of electronic equipment. He also installed a radio communications link between the US Military Mission headquarters in Monrovia and a US Military advisor detachment located at a remote site in bush country. Marsingill witnessed many unusual things while serving in Liberia and tells about them in this book. The author's last overseas tour was in Vietnam. There as a senior NCO, he encountered many unpleasant situations. It seemed that discipline was lax and moral was low. Many young soldiers were involved with marijuana and some with heroin. Many of the soldiers resented being in Vietnam so it was difficult to keep them focused on the mission especially with the news of the anti-Vietnam war protest back home.

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