Vaccinosis and Its Cure by Thuja: With Remarks on Homoeoprophylaxis

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Homoeopathic Publishing Company, 1884 - Homeopathy - 129 pages

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Page 61 - ACNE OF FACE AND NOSE, AND NASAL DERMATITIS. A young lady, about twenty years of age, was brought by her mother to me on October 28th, 1882. Patient had a very red pimply nose, not like the red nose of the elderly bibber, or like that due to dyspepsia or to tight-lacing, but a pimply, scaly nasal dermatitis,
Page 63 - 1883.—The face is free ! Her mother gratefully exclaims, "She is wonderfully better." I ask the young lady which powders did her most good; she says, " The last." The skin of the nose is normal, but the constipation is no better, and for this she remains under treatment. That Thuja cured this case is incontrovertible, but that it was a
Page 64 - NEURALGIA OF RIGHT EYE. Mr. —, a gentleman of position and means, about fifty years of age, came to consult me on 28th June, 1882, for a neuralgia of the right eye. He had come in consequence of the cure of
Page 1 - vaccination does protect, to a certain large extent, from small-pox, though the protection must necessarily cease as soon as the vaccinated person has slowly returned to his pristine state of pure health.
Page 64 - case of vaccinosis is not quite so certain, though it is far from improbable. The re-vaccination and inflammation of the skin of the nose were referred both to six years ago when she was in Switzerland at school ; but patient could not remember which was the first, the bad nose or the vaccination.
Page 35 - PUSTULAR ERUPTIONS. Miss - —, aet. 18, was revaccinated in July, 1881, at her parents' country residence, thirty miles from London, by the local surgeon, with "lymph" direct from the calf. The operation was very successful, and she had a very "fine" arm. But as the "arm" was just at its greatest perfection she got an eruption on
Page 2 - that there exists a diseased state of the constitution which is engendered by the vaccinial virus (the socalled lymph), which state he proposes to call VACCINOSIS, or the Vaccinial State; and,
Page 38 - on the chin, it was around the left nostril. I say, to have a test, I gave this brother of Miss - —, Antimonium tart., which is also, as every one knows, apparently homoeopathic to such a pustular eruption. This boy's case will be Observation v. This is the brother of Miss
Page 58 - This case is not without practical importance, inasmuch as hodiernal medicine hands over a sty to the chirurgeon's ,art; and all the time, poor old dame, weens herself so very much superior to scientific therapeutics usually called homoeopathy. The conceit of the orthodoxly ignorant is truly sickening.
Page 52 - ^Ibs. The vaccination scars were on the left arm, and the glands over the apex of right lung were not indurated. Induration of the lymphatics on the left side of the neck (the vaccination being performed on that side), is the rule after vaccination, as anyone may observe for himself if he will take the trouble to examine a healthy child

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