Valerie: An Autobiography

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B. Tauchnitz, 1849 - English fiction - 379 pages
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Page 53 - as her cousin. My time was fully occupied. Madame d'Albret, perceiving that I had great talent for music and a fine voice, had procured me good masters, and wishing to prove my gratitude by attention, I was indefatigable, and made so rapid a progress, that my masters were surprised. Music and embroidery, at which I have before
Page 282 - is no happiness in this, Valerie. Better to be deceived. and trust again. I almost wish that I could now be the dupe of a woman or a false friend, for I should then feel as if I were young again." "But Sir," replied I, "your conduct is at variance
Page 79 - showed that he had acted thus out of interest and revenge. "I believe it all now, Valerie, and I must beg your pardon for having supposed that you had been ungrateful. This . explanation relieves me, and enables me to make you the offer which I had thought of doing, had I not been checked
Page 258 - legal adviser for many years, I am able to tell you, within a trifle, what property you will receive. There are 57,000 three per cents; this house and furniture, which I purchased the lease of for her, and which is only saddled with a ground-rent for the next forty years; and I find, a balance of
Page 103 - what a pretty name for a novel. I should like to borrow it, and paint the original from nature. Will you sit for your likeness?" That Lady R — allowed no one to talk but herself was evident. Madame Bathurst, who knew her well, allowed her to run on; and I, not much valuing the dose of
Page 150 - Come in." The door opened, and Lionel made his appearance. "Is it you, Lionel? What do you want?" " I knew that you were up, and I recollected as we leave before you do, to-morrow, that you would have no one to cord your luggage, so I thought I would come up and
Page 194 - trifling wound on the thumb having terminated in locked-jaw and death. "'He is dead, then,' thought I; 'if I lost him, she has no longer possession of him.' "Alas! what a demon had taken possession of me! The letter further said, that she was coming over directly, and that she expected to
Page 92 - we must part, the sooner we part the better. Valerie, will you see that every thing is ready for Caroline's going away to-morrow morning?" Saying this, Madame Bathurst disengaged herself from Caroline and quitted the room. It was a long while before I could reason the poor girl into anything like composure.
Page 118 - where the purse was — and then asked him what were her engagements for the evening. "I know we have an engagement," replied the boy; "I can't recollect it, but I shall find it in the drawingroom." He went out, and in a minute returned. "I have found it, my lady,
Page 260 - right in so doing; but, Lionel, you forget that my duty as executrix will be to make the best of the estate for you until you are of age, and this house must be let furnished; Mr. Selwyn told me so while you were away; besides, I am not a young lady

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