Vampire Secrets

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Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2012 - Fiction - 224 pages
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Id never really given much thought as to the precise moment that Id fall in love with the person that I would one day give up my humanity for or to the myth about vampires being real and if someone had told me then that Id not only discover the truth but that I would fall completely and undeniably in love with a vampire I would have told them that they were crazy. Vampires are some urban legend that people use to explain things that otherwise have no rational explanation but Lucian is a vampire and he is very real and everything that I could ever want or need and so much more. Lucian is so completely in love with me that he would die for me or kill for me if it was needed and that scares me a little. Unfortunately for us he carries with him a deep, dark secret that hes been hiding from everyone for years. A secret that could very well destroy us both. Vampires from Lucians past are hunting him and now that he has devoted his immortal life to me they have finally found him and will stop at nothing to punish him for his past crimes. I love Lucian more than I thought someone was capable of loving another person. But then there's Matt who is a vampire spy and has come here to find Lucian and create even more problems for us than we can handle. Matt is the most forth-coming vampire that I've ever met and maybe that's what draws me to him but whatever Matt's charm is ----- it has captured me, we share a connection that Lucian and I dont and every time that Matt is near me it is becoming impossible for me to resist him any longer. Ive finally admitted to myself that I'm in love with him and then there is my best friend Josh who is a human and whom I've also fallen in love with recently so now I'm caught in the middle of this mess and soon I'll have to choose between them. In the meantime Im caught in the middle of a mess with Lucian and a vampire named Michael from his past out for revenge who will stop at nothing to hurt Lucian including turning my friend Jill into a vampire and her hatred for me could easily end up getting me killed. Now I can only hope that Lucian can find me before my captor has a chance to replace my life with an immortal one full of darkness and blood. I dont know if Ill be able to choose between the two vampires and the human who are competing for my heart and if I'll survive what has happened to me or if Im doomed to spend forever as a vampire with the evil vampire who came back from the past looking to destroy Lucian s new life. Follow my story and see who will survive the events that unfold in Vampire Secrets----- a story of what happens when a vampire who has a dark past to hide, a vampire with another motive, and a human who is just trying to stay alive fall in love with a human girl who has everything to live for and possibly everything to lose including friends, family, love and possibly the ultimate sacrifice that a human can give --- my soul.

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