The Planet of Bondage

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Xlibris Corporation, Sep 1, 2005 - Fiction - 282 pages
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It was once believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe.
In time, it was proven that our World is but one grain of sand upon an eternal shore.
It was once believed that there was but one Universe in all existence.
In time, it was proven that our Universe is but one volume of many, upon but one of an entire library of shelves.
It was once believed that Humanity existed upon a single World.
In time, it was proven that the numbers of planets inhabited by Humans are countless.
It was once believed that the Vampire was a myth, conjured up from the darkest shadows of the Human imagination.
In time, it was proven that the Nosferatu is a very real creature, and a very real threat.
Welcome to the Wreath Galaxy of Parallel Universe 2264.
Hidden deep within the shimmering clusters of Suns is the Planet of 100 Continents.
Here, turning on its mighty axis is a World so large, it literally contains eight hemispheres, and nights are a decade long.
Upon this celestial colossus, two superpowers battle for supremacy over the Future: the Vampires, which rule the Realm of Night, and the Zeanotists, the fanatical Sun-worshipping Mega-theocracy which rules the Realm of Day.
In Episode One, the planet continues to turn on its mammoth axis, and dawn approaches the Realm of the Zeanotists, ending another decade of constant night.
The ultra-masochistic Vampire-Witch, assassin and saboteur extraordinaire, Vespertilia, has accepted a covert mission, in an attempt to impress her mysterious, hidden contact, the ever-elusive ICONOCLAST, to hamstring a plot concocted by a confederacy of Zeanotist conspirators.
It is a lucrative venture, earning her a valuable booty of the tasty blood of over one hundred slaves as payment.
It is also an elaborate trap, the likes of which will take the Immortal anti-heroine to a level of torment that will test the limits of her physical, psychological and supernatural endurance.

Welcome to a realm of dominance and submission, of sadistic force and masochistic surrender, and of predators and prey. Welcome to a dominion where blessings are sometimes found in the depths of shadows, and where curses can be delivered upon the rays of the Sun.

Welcome to a planet that is home to bloodthirsty monsters, ruthless Humans, wondrous aliens, fantastic robots, political intrigue, religious treachery, miraculous technology and devastating sex.

Here is the World known to Humans as Centum, to Vampires as Coagulus, and to a vast majority of tormented Souls as the Planet of Bondage.

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About the author (2005)

Hello, and welcome to the philosophically strange, sexually turbulent and idealistically twisted World of M.Wedjat Loe.
I have been a long-time, hardcore fan of vampire lore, space opera, the gothic, industrial, heavy metal and cyberpunk scene, old Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers chapter serials, Japanese anime and erotica for a very long time.
The pleasure is all mine in offering this, my first endeavor in crushing everything that turns me on into one tasty package.
Vampires Of The Future and the Planet Of Bondage
is essentially the manifestation of all my own personal life-long ponderings regarding the yin/yang reality of our lives and our fragile existence in the Universe.
“The World is but a stage, and we are only players,” once wrote William Shakespeare.
Perhaps there are actually three players: the Predator, the Prey and the Observer, and it is through this realization that I wrestle each day, exorcising my demons via my computer.
When I am not bound by my Vision Quest, I am cherishing time with Loved Ones, or searching for exotic films, intriguing books, mystical music, haunted bookstores, seafood restaurants, and off-the-beaten-path places to languish and reflect, forever hunting after that ever-elusive “new experience”.
I am a graduate of Columbia College of Chicago, having earned a degree in Communications and Journalism.
I currently exist in Chicago, Illinois, but I dream of heading north one day soon.
It would be awesome to live where it always feels like Christmas Day.

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