Vancouver Nights

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Lethe Press, 2010 - Fiction - 260 pages
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Charlie Heggensford, the Idaho farm boy turned LA fluffer for hire, is back for another crazy, sexy adventure. With Rock Harding on tour in The Netherlands, Charlie is forced to find ways to occupy himself: on his knees, on his back. And in trouble. Charlie gets in so much trouble that his boss, Kinitia Jones, encourages him to take some time off and get out of town. Charlie goes to Vancouver, Canada to visit his good friend and former bear porn star, Brent Harrington, who now owns a pet store. When a member of Brent's bowling team begins to have attendance problems, Charlie steps in as a sub. Soon Charlie is throwing balls around the alley and giving new meaning to the term "pin action" in the back room. A string of pet store break-ins has a hot police inspector keeping his eye on Brent, and when the evidence begins to stack up against his friend, Charlie decides it's time to take matters into his own hands. As Charlie creates havoc in the pet store, he and Brent work on narrowing their list of suspects and follow their clues to hunky deliverymen and raunchy sex clubs.

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