Variations in French Pronunciations

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1899 - French language - 8 pages
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Page 20 - Of. strvatifns, p. 76, v. features, which are particularly apt tobe found in Acadian regions, though they may, too, appear in some Canadian ones and vice versa. It seems worth while, therefore, the better to make a comparative statement, as well as for convenience of reference, to present such features in a brief tabular form by themselves : TABLE No. 2. Table showing features which appear more likely to be found in Acadian than in Canadian regions.
Page 24 - Agnel, Emile. Observations sur la prononciation et le langage rustiques des environs de Paris. Paris, 1855.
Page 24 - Du dialecte biaisais et de sa conformité avec l'ancienne langue et l'ancienne prononciation française. Paris, 1874. Todd, Henry Alfred. La naissance du chevalier au cygne. Publications of the ML A. of America, p. 105 of the noies, line 374JAMES GEODES, JR.
Page 15 - In the first place, taking up the sound noted by h equivalent to Fr. z, and which I have written h, Professor Sheldon says : "This aspirate is one of the most characteristic features of the dialect." My notes, as well as the data from other sources on the subject, show the sound to be common to many Canadian as well as Acadian regions. In such works as those of...
Page 5 - French h before a front vowel corresponds to ts in this dialect. The latter exception may be due to the preceding s, or both the former and the latter may belong properly to another dialect; cf. the varying forms with Л and z under I.
Page 15 - Queque (Berri), voyez Cheuque ; Quinze, voyez Çhinze, etc. I am inclined to believe this to be an Acadian feature, for I have not heard it as yet in Canadian districts, though it is very possible it may be heard in...

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