Variety Acts: Gaining Respect

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AuthorHouse, May 1, 2005 - Art - 112 pages
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Techniquesin Chinese martial arts (Wushu) are multi-faceted.  To use a technique to gain an advantage in fighting is called Technical Fighting (Ji Jih).  The techniques are usually simple and straightforward.  And yet they are rich in contents and rationales.  The study of rationales behind the techniques (Xin Fa), methods of basic skills (Gong Fa), and methods of techniques (Ji Fa) are called the three Golden Methods (Bo Fa).  Practice of basic skills (Gong Fa) is the foundation of Wushu learning.  The techniques (Ji Fa) are derived from the basic skills.  Xin Fa is the guiding principle for the design of techniques.  This book reveals to you how to use the three Golden Methods to study Wushu.  Five classical schools of Wushu are studied in this book.  They are Tai Ji Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Tong Bei Quan, Ba Ji Quan, and Qin Na.  This book tells you how to start with the basic and how to reach the proficiency of a master. This book is a study manual for a beginner.  This book is a review for an intermediate learner.  This book elucidates all the wisdoms in Wushu in a format that is easy to understand and fun to read.  This book is a must read for a master of any Wushu.  Even if you have absolutely no idea about martial arts, you may still find this book informative and easy to comprehend.  This book will give you an idea what Wushu is all about.  This is a treasure book of Chinese martial arts for everybody.  

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