Vatican II: Forty Personal Stories

Front Cover
William Madges, Michael J. Daley
Twenty-Third Publications, 2003 - Biography & Autobiography - 231 pages
From the beginning, Christians have been people who tell stories. It is in our stories that we hold our memories and our tradition. In our stories, we rediscover who we are. Today, as the Vatican II generation grows older, it's time to tell the stories of the council, what it meant in the lives of that generation, and what it means in the lives of the generations that follow them. William Madges and Michael Daley have gathered forty personal stories of women and men who took part in the council, were there at the time, or saw the course of their life change dramatically because of it. These storytellers include: With their personal stories, and with Madges' and Daley's insightful introductions to the major themes of the council, Vatican II: Forty Personal Stories highlights the momentous events that have shaped the Catholic Church for the past fifty years. Catholics of the Vatican II generation will see some of their own personal experiences reflected in these stories, and perhaps come to new understandings about the events of their lives. Younger Catholics and high school and college students will find here a great introduction to the council, and why it's still so significant to their lives today.

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