Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar: An Immortal Revolutionary of India

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Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar is a matchless personality of India’s movement for freedom. His sacrifice, struggle and indomitable zeal for the freedom, unity and prosperity of the motherland was totally rare, appreciable and exemplary. He plunged himself into the struggle for freedom of the motherland right from his childhood. This path was totally thorny. As a result, he had to face difficulties again and again. He was deported to Andamans to undergo two life sentences. Nobody could predict at that time that he would be able to visit his motherland, India, again, but luckily he returned to India ten years later. Terrible physical and mental tortures of Andamans could not deviate him from his call of duty. He did not waver in the face of continuous tortures and reprimands, and was always working to realise his objectives. He remained steadfast like the Pole Star.

His contribution to the freedom of this country was in no way less than of all those political leaders who, after the freedom of India, enjoyed spoils of its administration and power or those who believed in his principles. But it is a matter of both regret and surprise that most of the historians have not evaluated his activities in a just and reasonable manner. Even the government of free India did not accord that respect to this truly dedicated nationalist, indomitably zealous and committed devotee of united India, which he deserved eminently. But this detracts Veer Savarkar from his splendid and high place in history.


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