Velocipedes, bicycles, and tricycles: how to make and how to use them


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Página 66 - It has the driving-wheel in front, with the direct action of the reel pedals, but the wheel is placed much nearer to the rear wheels than any of the tricycles yet made. This gives the rider a more complete control over the motion and action of the machine, and enables it to turn corners with the safety and celerity of the two-wheeler. Its construction is thus described : " From the axle of the hind wheel rises a bow-shaped brace, to which is bolted one end of the reach, which consists of two parallel...
Página 36 - To preserve the balance a small board covered and stuffed is placed before, on which the arms are laid, and in front of which is a little guiding pole, which is held in the hand to direct the route. The swiftness with which a person well practised can travel is almost beyond belief, 8, 9, and even 10 miles may, it is asserted, be passed over within the hour on good level ground.
Página 130 - There must be an expenditure of power to produce speed. One is inclined to agree with the temperate remarks of Mr. Lander, CE, of Liverpool, rather than with the extravagant enthusiasm of American or French riders. As a means of healthful exercise it is worthy of attention. Certainly not more than forty miles in a day of eight hours can be done with ease.
Página 61 - IN all probability the three-wheeled velocipede will have a more enduring and wider-spread popularity than the two-wheeled. Not that those in present use are safer or even easier to guide than the bicycle, but they permit the body to remain in a sitting posture when going down hill and when the machine is at rest. An artist can sketch from the seat. It can be taken to a shady nook while the luncheon or quiet pipe is enjoyed, and what is lost in speed is made up in comfort. There, are, however, some...

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