Verb 1: Authorship and Information

Front Cover
Jaime Salazar
Actar, 2001 - Architecture - 286 pages
The shift from ''modern'' to digital systems of design and production opens up a material work to a much more profound interaction between author and audience. This change represents a new stage in the development of the relationship that a work--or, in another sense, a message--establishes between the author--or sender--and the reader--or receiver. From the classical work, with its "a priori," essentialist model of appreciation, to the modernist object, with its subjective model of aesthetics, to the emerging cybernetic model, the interface between author and ''user'' has become closer, more direct, and more open. The first issue of the new "boogazine" Verb looks closely at these questions regarding the present relationship between information and authorship in cultural practice, asking: how does the increasing complicity between author and audience affect architectural practice? And how can architecture be conceived more fluidly in terms of information? Handsomely designed and richly illustrated, this combination of book and magazine is the first installment in what is sure to be a groundbreaking journey through architecture and design.

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