Vermischte Schriften, Volumes 1-2

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Richter, 1772
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Page 353 - Pope ; And when he sits to write. No letter with an envelope Could give him more delight. When Pope has fill'd the margins round, Why then recall your loan ; Sell them to Curll for fifty pound, And swear they are your own.
Page 306 - Superior beings, when of late they faw A mortal Man unfold all Nature's law, Admir'd fuch wifdom in an earthly ihape, And fhew'da NEWTON as we fhew an ape.
Page 156 - Though round it's breast the rolling clouds are spread, Eternal sunshine settles on it's head. GOLDSMITH. CHAP. VI. THE WISH. CONTENTMENT, parent of delight, So much a stranger to our sight, Say, goddess, in what happy place Mortals behold thy blooming face ; Thy gracious auspices...
Page 29 - ... pour rétablir par fon activité le desordre & la confufion , où l'indolence de la Régence précédente avoit jette fes Provinces ; pour être le Reftaurateur & le Défenfeur de fa Patrie ; la gloire & l'honneur de fa Maifon. ,, II femble que par „ méprife la Nature avoit uni en lui l'âme d'un „ grand Roi à la fortune médiocre d'un Elec.,, leur ;aun*iétok-il bien au-deflus du rang qu'il ,, occupoit. On vit pendant fon règne les ac...
Page 203 - ... first Mischief raise; Mony a Time beneath the auld Birk-tree What's bonny in that Sang he loot me see. The Lasses aft flang down their Rakes and Pales, And held their Tongues, 0 strange! To hear his Tales. SANDY SOUND be his Sleep, and saft his Wak'ning be, He's in a better Case than thee or me; He was o'er good for us, the Gods hae ta'en Their ain but back, he was a borrow'd-len. Let us be good, gin Virtue be our Drift, Then may we yet forgether 'boon the Lift. But see the Sheep are wysing to...
Page 269 - Miscellanies, the fourth volume, consisting of Verses by Dr. Swift, Dr. Arbuthnot , Mr. Pope and Mr. Gay. Lond. 1747, p. 117.

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